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one great dinner in dallas please

hello, i please need one great spot for dinner in dallas. downtown area, $$$$ no object, just looking for great food, in a cool spot..thanks

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  1. Well coming from NY, if you want something "Texas-y" that is downtown or close by....Stephen Pyles' probably fits best, although it's not super fancy/formal, if that's more what you're looking for. Fearing's is another alternative although it's more uptown and I haven't been there quite yet so I can't make a definite rec...

    1. Stephan Pyles: southwestern food, great menu, fun place, trendy.


      Lola: More refined, great but more limted and sophisticated menu.


      Nobu: great asian fusion, fantastic desserts, fun, trendy, sometimes loud.


      French Room: very sophisticted, fine dining, some of the best food in town.


      Abacus: varied menu (sushi to southwestern to asian to steaks), great bread, fun.


      Palmer's: trendy but sophisticated


      Bijoux: sophisticated french not as formal as french room but just as good, perhaps better.


      These are all in, or 10 minutes by cab from, downtown. You cant go wrong at any of these places.

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      1. I would add Fearing's in the Ritz Carlton. It's Dean Fearing's (Mansion on Turtle Creek Fame) new place. It would give you a real look at Southwestern Fusion Cusine. I would pick it over Stephan Pyles in a heartbeat. John Mariani picked it as America's best new restaurant. It ain't cheap.

          1. Stephen Pyles, for sure....

            1. I agree with all of the previous suggestions except Charlie Palmer's (not that good, IMO) and Nobu (if you're coming from NY you've got it there). I'd add Local (it's a pretty cool place) and York Street (can't believe no one else mentioned it).

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                Just had a fabulous experience at Screendoor at One Arts Plaza

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                  York Street is neither a "cool spot" nor downtown. And while Local is definitely cool, I wouldn't recommend it to somebody who wants to spend $$$$ (it's more of a $$$ place to me ;)

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                      Steel-- it's all right. Not in my top 5 for sushi in town, and definitely not where I go to drop $$$$

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                        then your suggestions please ?

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                          Tei An just opened in Victory Park. It's owned by the man who started Teppo and Tei Tei, which are widely regarded as two of the best sushi places in Dallas. It specializes in soba noodles, but also has sushi, etc.

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                            If you are coming from NYC area, I presume you would want to try something that you might not find in NY. I would definately skip Steel. There is far better sushi at Tei Tei, Yutaka. I would second Dallas Alice and recommend Local. I wouldn't do Lola (though I do like the restaurant) unless you are really into wine (wine prices are hard to beat). Stephen Pyles is certainly unique. I haven't been there recently but have heard the issues with over salting dishes has been rectified. I am also a big fan of Hattie's in Bishop Arts-not necessarily fine dining but pretty excellent upscale southern.

                2. You can't go wrong with Hibiscus. It's not "Texas-y" but it's absolutely delicious. You must try the macaroni and cheese. It's off of trendy Knox-Henderson, about 5 minutes from downtown. Fearings and Stephen Pyles are also great alternatives.

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                    Agree with Hibiscus as well...forgot about that...Although if this chow is coming from New York, I would have to go with Stephen Pyles, because I have to to Mesa Grill in NY, and it is nothing like Pyle's....