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Aug 18, 2008 12:57 PM

Anyone been to Benatti lately?

A friend of mine who lives nearby says Benatti has been closed "for vacation" for a couple of weeks now. I know they've struggled to fill seats there from the beginning, with most folks citing its relatively high cost for the neighborhood as a likely cause. I really like the place, but I wonder if anyone has any news about it.

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  1. Don't I recall someone saying the place was for sale? Can anyone confirm this?

    These "on vacation" signs seem to be a curse this year, by the way. Tullio's in Quincy had one, and now it looks like they are closed for good. Shanghai and Tokyo in Arlington had one this spring and have never re-opened. Hopefully Benatti isn't going down a similar path...

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      The thread where that rumor was discussed is here: The link cited in the thread to the National Restaurant Brokers page does indeed contain a picture of Benatti, but otherwise does not look like a valid listing anymore.

    2. If they're really Italian they should be taking most of August for vacation... I would not worry about that. When we were in Rome last year just about every decent restaurant was closed for at least two weeks, if not a month...