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Aug 18, 2008 12:51 PM

Steak Restaurant on Richmond

Has anyone checked this place out yet? (
)It received a favourable review on SweetSpot but I haven't read much about it.

Your thoughts are welcome!

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  1. Restaurants pay to be "reviewed" by Sweet Spot.

    1. every review i have seen of steak may not have been paid for but were part of a "media preview" where none of the writers have disclosed such a fact until being called out on it.

      somehow they all don't believe that getting a free meal by a restaurant surrounded by other journalists won't give them preferential treatment.

      1. I stopped by for lunch during sumerlicious.

        The meal was reasonable. Food was cooked to order, service was friendly and for the price ($20) it was a very good value.

        I'd give it a try again for lunch.