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Aug 18, 2008 12:33 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Recs in Frederick, MD

My son is getting married in July 2009 in Frederick. I need some ideas for the rehearsal dinner. I'm looking for a casual, but nice place with good food that will appeal to conservative grandparents and adventuresome young adults!
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Check out Volt, the new restaurant by Brian Voltaggio (former executive chef at Charlie Palmer Steak in DC).

    1. Volt's menu may not appeal to everyone. Check their website and see.

      Dutch's Daughter or Monocacy Crossing might appeal to a broader range of guests.

      1. Volt could be a good choice or a risky one. The restaurant just opened within the last month. It's chef is well-trained and a lot of money has gone into the development of the restaurant. I haven't been yet nor do I know anyone who has, so I can't review the food. Judging from the menu, it certainly has the most upscale food in Frederick which might not appeal to the broad range of your guests. However, given the failure rate of new restaurants and the current economy, I would be hesitant to book a brand new restaurant for an event that is nearly a year away. Who knows if Volt will still be in existence next July.

        I would second the recommendation of Monocacy Crossing
        Excellent food in a casual environment.

        I'd also recommend Brewers Alley. Food that will appeal to everyone, in a casual setting. Some good beers. Private space available.

        I'm not a fan of Dutch's Daughter. In my mind it's very average food in a way over-decorated setting. However it could be really appealing to the older members of your party.

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          How about Baldwin's Station in Sykesville? Not too far from Frederick, and a great atmosphere.

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            Thumbs down on Volt. Big dough, no go. How many people will be attending? The better restaurants in Frederick (Tasting Room, Monocacy Crossing, Il Porto, Isabella's, Acacia) are not huge, but may accomodate a group of maybe 30. There is also a new barbecue place on South Market called The Black Hog that looks good. Same folks that own The Tasting Room. Stay tuned for my post.

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              Flavrmeistr, can you say more about why you gave thumbs down to Volt? I haven't been there yet, and haven't heard from anyone who has, so more detail would be much appreciated.

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                Ridiculously small portions for a preposterous sum of money. Went there with my neighbors and left hungry and appalled. Three tiny carrots, some fish-flavored meringue and about 4 ounces of fish with a glass of wine for 80 bucks a person. While I understand some folks may find this enticing, I am not one of them.

          2. I'd recommend against Dutch's Daughter. Their menu was incredible the first time I ate there in 1994 at the VFW Hall. Dutch's was one of my favorite things about Frederick. The problem is that they still have the same menu they did in 1994. And the atmosphere is just as old fashioned. I'd second both Volt and Monocacy Crossing. I've had excellent meals both places and both are suited for a rehearsal dinner. I wouldn't worry about Volt closing. Every time I walk by it's packed. There's an excellent review here:

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              Thanks, this is helpful. Keep 'em coming!

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                Thanks for the link to the fredfood blog. I didn't know about it til now. Looks like a good resource. Several reviews of Volt posted there now. Seems people have had good and bad experiences.

              2. Been quite awhile since I have been do the South Mountain Inn..but it isn't too far from Frederick and has its charm...

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                  If you want casual and nice you will walk away from Monocacy Crossing being blown away! It's casual but way beyond nice, it's amazing!!!! We go no where else!