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Aug 18, 2008 12:29 PM

Roman candy recipe?

Does anybody out there have a recipe they've tried or even heard of for roman chewing candy? I know the original recipe is top secret, but its a very basic taffy and I was curious if anyone had made it on their own before.

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  1. I posted on this a while back. I KNOW I saw a printed recipe for the real-deal Roman candy, but I can't remember where I saw it (if you had as many cookbooks, pamphlets, etc as I do, you'd understand the problem). It seems like it might have been in the Entergy "Woodstoves to Microwaves" cookbook, but I'm not certain. Meanwhile, here's a nice interview with Ron Kottemann, the Roman Candy man:

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      Okay, it's not the Woodstoves to Microwaves cookbook--turns out that it is out of print, and someone has kindly posted it as a PDF online:

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        Thanks so much Celeste for that link...makes me want to go cook way too many things I haven't seen in a while!

        Well, I kind of went ahead and played around with making roman candy tonight and, well...its pretty darn close! Texture is dead on, flavor is dead on. I made strawberry and vanilla but my hands are sore from all the heat so chocolate will be made another day but, if others want to give it a go:

        2 cups granulated sugar
        2/3 cup light corn syrup
        1/3 cup H2O
        2 tbsp butter
        a half capful (about 1/4 tsp?) of white vinegar
        flavorings/ colors of your choice (vanilla is straight vanilla extract (about 1-2 tbsp), strawberry was a few drops of red food coloring (2-3) and strawberry extract (again, 1-2 tbsp depending on how strong you want. mine came out pretty mild), chocolate I'd assume would be around 2-3 tbsp cocoa powder and increase the water to 1/2 cup but I haven't tested chocolate yet)

        I got a half skeet pan (with sides) and sprayed it down with nonstick spray (or butter will work) If you have a silpat, even better. I put this on a cookie sheet and set aside.

        Bring sugar, corn syrup, butter vinegar and water to a boil on medium high heat. Put a good candy thermometer in the middle of the syrup and closely watch until it hits just below the firm ball stage (around 245-250F) Don't stir during this. As soon as it gets there, remove it from the heat, remove the thermometer and stir in flavorings/colorings. As soon as its quickly mixed pour this all on your sheet pan.
        Leave it set for 10 minutes or until you can take a knife or fingers and fold a corner towards the center. Feel it to get a good feel if its cool enough for you to not scald your hands! When it is, it should pull fairly easily out the pan and, with lightly greased hands, begin pulling. Pull until it just starts to get ribbony and pale. A good indicator its ready is after you've pulled till you feel like your arms will fall off, pull 5-10 minutes more. Take scissors and quickly snip the lump into a few pieces, roll each rope out to good roman candy thickness and cut with scissors to about foot long pieces. Wrap in wax paper.