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99 ranch market in hollywood (sunset/western) is closing

the checkers said they are not making enough money. dammit, i shop there all the time! they had really good deals on produce sometimes and was my go-to spot for middle eastern and latin ingredients. there are other markets nearby but not nearly as large. i used to get huge bunches of herbs there - 99 cents! beef cheeks - $2.99 a pound. lengua, tripe, nopales, quince, verdolaga before all the farmer's market hipsters jumped on it...

any recs for other places like this in the hollywood area??

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  1. Isn't it turning into a Target?
    Jon's market on Vermont has some pretty good deals.

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      Follow chowpatty's advice all the way.
      Target will take over the entire center, and Jon's is the alternative.

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        That really sucks. I went by there today, closed. I live near Jons but liked this place better. Bummer.

      2. wow. I am surprised---how long has there been a 99 ranch market in Hollywood? I am visualizing sunset and western in my head and just don't see it. are you sure you don't mean some other market?

        regardless as a replacement, try the jons at fountain and la brea. or the california market on Beverly or on Western.

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          To clarify, it's the Farm Fresh that just closed. It did beat going to some 99 Ranch Market miles away for produce.

        2. Yeah, I heard they're opening a Target on that lot. I do a lot of business around that corner. I shop at Home Depot and OSH there. I even get my monthly hair cuts just down the street on Sunset.

          1. 99 Ranch market is traditionally Chinese, but they have all types of Asian and other ethnic ingredients. They are located in areas that have bigger Asian populations. I just got some lobster which was huge! and they have good quality tuna and masago for sushi. The nearest one to me is in Artesia.

            1. don't recall ever seeing a 99c ranch market in Hollywood.

              99 ranch markets are in heavy Asian populated areas (mainly SGValley). Stores like the new Target make more sense for the Hollywood population.

              1. christ, sorry for the mistake. it's called farm fresh, but had a 99 and ranch on the front so i always called it 99 ranch in my head. i've been to the other and yes the real 99 ranch is asian

                1. I have one more question about 99 ranch but it is part of a larger asian food question. Why the numbers in name? Asian places always seem to have numbers 79, 99, 101 etc.

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                    There are at least two parts to the answer. First, Chinese culture includes a good deal of superstition and this carries to the sound of numbers. For example, no Cantonese speaking person would open a 444 Seafood Restaurant, since that would sound like "die die die." On the other hand, other numbers, such as 888, are very lucky. Secondly, numbers are easier to remember. Chinese immigrant workers, for example, know different parts of the U.S. by area code number rather than city and state. Dumpling 10053 is located at 10053 Valley Bl., and is so named because the predecessor restaurant was located in New York Chinatown, where seemingly half of the restaurants are named after the street address. (Not really, but there are an awful lot of places like 69 Bayard Restaurant, 240 Grand St., 266 Canal Fun, and so on.)

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                      Also, in one of Vietnam's more, hm, Marxist periods, it was decreed that fanciful names for restaurants was bourgeois, which is why pho shops often just have a number, which may have started from just the street number.