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Aug 18, 2008 12:03 PM

Cape reco's needed

We will be spending next week in Dennisport, and would love to have some solid recommendations for seafood and Italian, within a half hour or so. Mid-price and up is fine, but we don't do much fried. A good old fashioned burger joint would also be appreciated. Please, NO chains and please exclude P-town, not a place we like to visit.
Thanks, all.

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  1. Just a few places I enjoy...
    Capt. Parkers in West Yarmouth
    Clancy's in Dennisport
    Chatham Squire in Chatham
    Land Ho in Orleans

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    1. re: MerryKerry

      Sorry but I'd rather fast than eat at Clancy's or Capt. Parkers. The other two put out okay pub grub.

    2. Here's a couple of 'off-the-beaten-path' but very solid recs. Gina's By the Sea on the way to Chapin Beach in the northside of Dennis. Good red sauce italian served in the same room for 30 plus years (for the current owner...another 30 years before that when there really was a Gina.) Another choice from the way back machine is Swan River Fish Market and Restaurant. Honestly, this place feels like 1965 but you're unlikely to find fresher well prepared basic seafood. I'd rec the baked stuffed 2 lb lobster. Very well done and under $25. I don't know of any good burger joints per se, but if you find a hand packed fresh burger in your travels be sure to report back.

      1. We always enjoy Brewster fish house, don't think you could go wrong there. Arnold's is good for lobster, but a bit touristy.
        Avoid Capn Parker's at all costs.

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        1. re: terrystu

          Brewster Fish House is a terrific recommendation. Arnold's is a bit of a trek from DPort and not different enough, IMO, from like places in West Dennis and Dennisport (Marathon, Kreme & Kone, and The Original Seafood Restaurant to name three). The Oyster Co, in DPort is worth a visit offering locally farmed oysers and fresh seafood. Music on some nights too.

          And to the OP.....As to PTown being a place you don't like to visit, I'll assume it's the drive and lack of parking that you don't care for.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            Thanks for the comments, CCG, we have put Gina's on our list. As for P-town, you may assume as you wish. :)

        2. Got back from the cape a few days ago and was very impressed with the seafood at Kate's Seafood in Brewster. Although it only has picnic table seating, we found the seafood to be very fresh, well prepared and tasty. I had the fried clams and they were outstanding. Try also the Seafood Ruben and some of their other sandwiches. Also hit Kreme & Kone in Dennis(?) which we'd reecommend as well.

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          1. re: Rick51NH

            For seafood fans, you should have a look at Pisces Restaurant in Chatham. Sue brings some important Cape Code heritage (Cape Veridian & Frence undertones) to her "Coastal Cuisine". On the small side; need a reservation; cocktail bar is a great start.

            Pisces Restaurant
            2653 Main St, South Chatham, MA 02659

          2. Best Seafood and fried clams in particular, Cooke's in Hyannis. My wife said Chapin's was excellent, Gina's was OK but I thought overpriced and just OK. Chicken Parm 20 bucks. I wasn't particularly impressed.

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            1. re: pelletman

              Cooke's Hyannis' clam plate, and other fried fare, is indeed terrific and one of the best to be found on Cape. There are many other places that do abetter job at broiled seafood, however, and many people want a nicer experience than ordering at a counter and eating on formica tabletops. Chapin's is okay, but no better than many marginal low end eateries like, Clancy's, Oliver's, Captain Parkers, etc. I've always found Gina's to be top notch basic red sauce Italian. Nothing fancy, just fresh well-prepared Italian-American basics. At $20 for an entree, it hardly qualifies as expensive, admittedly it's not cheap either.