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Aug 18, 2008 11:26 AM

Airport Layover/ Best Philly Cheese or Roast Pork?

I'm flying through Philly next week. Never been, but want to try some of the local stuff. Heard great things abour Johns, and others, but my dilemna is as follows: I only have 2 hours 28 minutes to leave the airport, sample some Philly goodness, and return. Given airport security lines, that means I really only have about an hour and a half, and if our flight is running late, an hour. Where should I go to get the best Philly Cheesesteak, or Roast Pork, that's CLOSE to the airport and won't cost a fortune in cabfare? Or is there some other local spot (non-philly-cheese-steak-related) that I should go to?

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  1. Two of the best places are convenient to the airport, but cab fare would be a bit pricy. John's is one place, but I'm not sure they'll be open when you need them to be. The other is Tony Luke's. Both are convenient to I-95 and the airport, but you're probably looking at $40 minimum in cab fare to get there and back.

    Depending on the train schedule, you may also be able to take the R1 airport train, which goes to the Reading Terminal Market. It's a 30 minute trip, so that would tie up an hour of your time, and the schedule may not work anyway, but that would be the cheapest route and you could get a great roast pork sandwich at DiNics.

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      Makes you think there should be a Tony Luke's shuttle service from the airport....The R1 is a good alternative

    2. I once had a cheesesteak at the airport marriot and it really was pretty good. Much better than I had expected. Tony Lukes is the place to go, but if time does not permit, try the marriot

      1. Leo's on Chester Pike in Folcroft is 15 minutes away from the airport. Pretty good cheesesteaks in Delaware County, PA.

        1. I haven't been in years, but used to go to a place at the intersection of 420 and 291. I think it's called Jim's, but it's the "home of the heavyweight". They were pretty decent.

          Trios Cold Cuts is on MacDade and Folsom and has amazing sandwiches. Hoagies, roast pork, etc. I believe that they just started doing a cheesesteak and if it's anything like the rest of the items, it's nothing short of awesome.

          Both of these places are about 10 minutes from the airport, if that. I also agree with Lancastermike about the Marriott. I know it's not John's, Tony Lukes, whatever, but it's a decent representation and the stress you'd save worrying about getting back in time would make it worth the trip.