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Aug 18, 2008 11:24 AM

Livermore area for sandwiches

Looking for a place for good to great sandwiches that I can order, pick up and take to an event. Just need a few sandwiches (about 10) and a place willing to prepare take-out that can be picked up around 10 AM. Thanks.

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  1. There's no Whole Foods, Andronico's, or Gene's FF in Livermore. Safeway is your best bet. I think it's the best thing that Safeway does. There are more choices than are on their menu board. They still make all the sandwiches that were on the board until some anal accountant back at corporate decided that there were too many choices. Price is right too. I'm a real sandwich aficionado and I really like their sandwiches. Their deli salads are terrible though. One Safeway is downtown and the other is at First St and 580.

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      Any thoughts about Tommie's Deli and Sandwiches? They open at 10 am and seem to get favorable mentions elsewhere on the web. The take orders by phone, fax or online. Here's their menu in pdf format

      They also have a good selection of retro sodas from what I read. Some of the specialty sandwiches getting positive comments.

      Piesta Pork di Resistance–Sliced pork loin with fennel, garlic, mayo, roasted red peppers, & arugala on Rye

      How Now Fowl Cow–Roast beef & turkey w/cream cheese,avocado, & tomato on Dutch Crunch

      Love that from the kid's menu (which includes marshmallow fluff) there is this option

      Say Cheese Sandwich
      - Pick your bread, pick your cheese, don’t pick your nose

      1. re: rworange

        RW, thanks for the tip. I just drove thru Livermore the other day and never noticed because it's on Second St, still, I think, off the beaten path. I saw another post about a new steakhouse on Second as well. Looks like the new theater and the movie house is attracting new eateries - a great addition to Livermore - finally. I really hope Tommies worth stopping.

        1. re: samse

          Yeah, that performing arts center seems to be attracting new restaurants.

          Hope you report back if you try either place.

          1. re: samse

            There was a review in the San Ramon Valley Times on the new steak place which is called Mario's Steak and Chop House. Sorry I can't post the link. I am having trouble with their website.

      2. Don't know what time it opens, but there's a Cheese Steak Shop in Livermore. Here's the menu,

        Cheese Steak Shop
        2150 Portola Ave Ste G, Livermore, CA 94551

        1554 1st St, Livermore, CA