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Aug 18, 2008 11:19 AM

St. Pete - Bella Brava

Had a delicious meal this past Saturday evening! I highly recommend Bella Brava "New World Trattoria".

I did not try the 3 courses and wine for $24 but I did have a chicken dish which was fab while my companion had lamb balls/puff pastry and loved the dish.

On Sunday & Tuesday their is a Pizza & Vino special. 12" pizza with a sampling of 3 wines for $17.

Location: 515 Central St. Petersburg (727) 895-5515 or


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  1. They also do a half price wine by the bottle on Wednesday night I think. You should try the tasting menu next time. The food is great and the wine list is very reasonably priced.
    They ahve added some new wines and there are alot of great wines for the money. A few examples of some great new wines: Firriato Chiaramonte(Nero d'Avola), Marramiero Dama Montepulciano, Mormoraia Vernacccia, Pra Soave and ..........