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Aug 18, 2008 11:08 AM

Egg Cream

I was wondering if one can still get a good old fashioned egg cream in NYC. Can anyone tell me a place to find one?

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  1. chocolate bar on 7th street between 1st ave and ave a or the funny little place with window on ave a near corner of 7th st.

    1. Ray's right around the corner on Avenue A and 7th Street--says Belgian Fries outside--the coffee egg cream rocks!! many flavors--only one Ray's

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        You might want to do a "search" on chowhound 'cause this has been recently discussed. I make my own at home.

      2. i think the famous spot is gem spa b/c they make it the traditional way with a long spoon and whipping it up and down.
        its good but didnt shake my heart
        here's a thread

        1. Russ and Daughters is making a spectacular egg cream these days. the killer smoked fish and jewish appetizer scene doesn't hurt either... enjoy fb