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Aug 18, 2008 11:04 AM

Kayenta, Shiprock, Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield

I will be passing these towns by car on a long drive. Can you recommend places to eat? I've checked previous posts and food selections in these towns seem bleak. Are there any diners or cafeterias worth checking out? Any unusual "finds?"

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  1. Aztec and Bloomfield are pretty slim pickings I am afraid. Roadside Restaurant 319 S Bloomfield Blvd is your basic diner like food. Breakfast King used to be across the street, but has changed names [ownership?]. Sophia or something. It too has basic diner food.

    Farmington -

    Shiprock - even harder, we ate at a place that had decent navajo tacos on Highway 64 in or near Kirtland. Sorry, can't remember the name.


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      We spent the night in Kayenta on a national parks road trip several years ago. Hate to tell you, but there's not a whole lot there. Maybe a McDonald's? We stayed at the Holiday Inn (I think) and the restaurant there was good food (especially compared to some of our other meals on that trip), but nothing special or interesting. Just your average American food with a southwestern tilt.

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        We have stayed at that Holiday Inn too. It's one of the few options. We've gone to the Dine market for food/beverages for the next leg of the drive, and its offerings are also limited to Navajo Nation tastes and budgets.

    2. Thanks for your tips, they're much appreciated.

      1. Just out of Kayenta a little bit into Monument Valley is Goulding's Lodge,they have decent food with some spectacular scenery.Not too bad of a short side trip.
        If there is a flea market going on in Shiprock,be sure and stop and try some of the frybread and also some of the other offerings, anywhere you see a Weber grill set up there will be mutton and ashbread usually served with a roasted green chile and some Anasazi beans.Wash it down with black coffee and you'll have a taste of the Four Corners area.

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          Thanks for the tip on the flea market. I tracked down an earlier discussion on the flea. Unfortunately we'll be passing by on a Tuesday so doubt it will be happening. Great idea though, to seek tasty foods at fleas - will definitely keep our eyes open for this dining possibility while on the road.

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            Thanks for the Goulding's Lodge recommendation!

          2. Three Rivers Brewery in Farmington at 101 E Main St is an excellent sandwich shop with very tasty brews including their homemade root beer. Blake's Lotta Burger has very good green chile cheeseburgers with several locations around Farmington. Chef Bernie's on West Main has tasty inexpensive Mexican food and very good sopaipillas. Furr's Cafeteria on East Main was the highest volume cafeteria in the Furr's chain when we lived in Farmington. Perhaps it still is. We ate their last October and the food was as good as ever. It was a once or twice a week stop when we lived in Farmington.

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              Thanks for the Farmington recommendations, and especially giving specific food items to order. The root beer definitely entices.