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Where should I eat at next???

I've been visiting NY about once a month now for some time, and started off hitting all my top picks (Per Se, Le Bernadin, WD~50, etc…).

But recently I've been going to more neighborhood type place, like Perilla, Red Cat, Mas Farmhouse, and am looking for my next couple picks along these lines (great food, comfortable place, not insanely expensive).

Would love to hear of any of your recommendations...

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  1. How did you like Perilla and Mas Farmhouse?

    Have you tried Buddakan? If you haven't go there next. I also love Ocena.

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      I loved both, but Perilla was definitely better IMO. I've been to Buddakan in Philadelphia a bunch of times, so I want to try somewhere new.

    2. I loved loved Scarpetta. Gramercy Tavern is always excellent as is Eleven Madison Park.

      1. The Little Owl is exactly what you are looking for.

        1. Have you been to Scarpetta? I've only been there once and three of the four of us had different pastas, but each one was so memorably delicious that I think it meets your "great food" requirement (if you like pasta). Can't comment on the meat and fish entrees because I didn't have any. It is comfortable, expensive -- but not insanely -- and lively but not deafening.

          1. hmmmmm neighborhood type places are what New York is REALLY famous for! The ones that DON'T get written up in lots of columns and posts on web sites, but where real people eat dinner every night.

            For me, "great food, comfortable place, not insanely expensive" means:

            El Charro Espanol at 4 Charles St in the Village; Gascogne at 8th Ave & 18th Street; Assenzio on East 4th Street between Aves A & B; Le Gigot on Cornelia between Bleecker and West 3rd; Capsouto Freres on Washington & Watts in Tribeca.

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              Thanks for all the recs, I'm going to check them all out now.

              The Little Owl was recommended by a friend as well, but I've read a lot of mixed reviews on this site, so I was on the fence about it.

              But thanks, I'll let you know what I decide...

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                I think I've seen mostly positive reviews of LO. In any event, I've always enjoyed the food and atmosphere.

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                  I'm a seller of little owl. Eaten there 3 times and while I have never had poor experience, it was never that impressive. I would recommend Degustation for a tasting menu just a step below your top picks (but much more cost effective).

              2. I just wanted to say that I had dinner at Perilla Sunday night and it was great. I highly recommend it for a reliably delicious meal. The duck meatballs were awesome, as were the scallops with plum kimchi, the hanger steak, and the ricotta ravioli.

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                  I was there last Friday night and loved it as well. Had almost the same menu (scallops, duck meatballs, hanger steak), and I had the striped bass and sweetbreads special. Finished with the doughnuts with peach compote and sour cream curd. Was just a great meal all around...

                2. dell'anima!! This place had great, great food. Sit at the counter in front of the kitchen and you can watch teh chef's at work.

                  If you haven't been to Babbo, you must go.

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                  1. re: cowtownfoodie

                    Yea, I've been trying to get through to Babbo all morning, just to see if I could get a reservation. No luck so far (it really shouldn't be this hard to spend your own money, lol).

                    1. re: Corporate_40

                      I actually just walked in Babbo last weekend on a Sunday at 6:00 pm. Try that, but have a back up just in case.

                  2. Scarpetta is great, and I haven't even tried their pastas. Bar Blanc is another place for top-notch food in a casual setting. Degustation is unique and wonderful. Olana is another favorite of mine, though a bit more formal than the others. The food and service are excellent and the prices are reasonable. Convivio (formerly L'Impero) is also a bargain with a 4-course menu for $59, the atmosphere is more casual than when it was L'Impero, and the menu has been expanded so there are many choices for each course.

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                      Thanks so much for all the suggestions. After repeated attempts to try to book a reservation at Babbo, I've decided to go more low key and try The Little Owl. I'll definitely post my review, and thanks again.

                    2. Duane Park, LaVagna (can be noisy) Bacaro (same owners as Peasant), Elyssa Dido, Casa Adela (no ambience), Pylos, Table Tales, Rayuela . . .these are the places we go to again and again and eat our way through the menu.

                      Second Le Gigot and others on Cornelia Street like Po.

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                        Okay, so here's the deal. My gf has already eaten at Little Owl, so that's now a no go. Wasn't able to get reservations at Babbo, Scarpetta, or dell'anima.

                        That being said, someone recommended Barbuto, but again, I look to some of you for your opinions...

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                          What about rrem's suggestions - Convivio or Bar Blanc. I haven't tried either yet. I'll add Falai (though hounds have mixed opinions). We are going again this week.

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                            I've been to Convivo and liked it a lot. As far as Bar Blanc, it looks like a cool place and everything, but the menu just looks really limited for some reason. But if I'm getting the wrong idea of the place, please correct me...

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                                You are right that the menu at Bar Blanc is somewhat limited. We just had dinner there tonight and they did have 2 specials in addition to the regular menu. If you have never been there I would think the selections should be sufficient. For those of us who dine there more regularly, I hope they will continue to alter the menu periodically so we do not get the same dishes over and over again. They did make changes pretty regularly under the previous chef, but it's a little too soon to tell with the new one.

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                                  Just throwing this out there, Telepan? We always like it. Just don't know if it fits the dynamic you are going for.

                                  Pearl Oyster Bar?

                          2. corporate, curious to know your opinion, what did you think of Red Cat? was it great or just ok? im coming in from london to ny soon and have my mind set on going there (just from reading reviews etc). would you recommend it? i'll sample a few other places too (perilla, the tavern at gramercy). thanks!

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                              I love Red Cat. The food is always solid, but more then that, its just a really comfortable place. You feel right at home in there for some reason, Iike its your normal hangout even though its your first time there. The tempura green beans are always a fun way to start your dinner while deciding on the menu, and the duck entree is outstanding. Go, you won't regret it.

                              And I highly recommend Perilla as well. Same kind of vibe as Red Cat, but a little more upscale in terms of the food. You can't go wrong with either one though IMO.

                            2. i'm definitely convinced now! thanks very much for your feedback, really appreciate it. i think we'll go to perilla friday, the day we land, and then go to red cat on the saturday. (then cookshop for brunch on sunday! lots of food, can't wait...) by the way, not sure from reading this thread if you've been to the tavern bit at gramercy tavern, but i loved it there. it's just what you're looking for - great food, comfortable place, not insanely expensive.