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Aug 18, 2008 10:26 AM

Town Restaurant in Kaimuki-any recent reviews?

I looked at their website today and there is no info except to make reservations. Does anyone have any recent reviews of this place. Can you give me price points, favorites on the menu, on line menu somewhere else. Thanks for your help

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  1. I was there about 2 weeks ago with 4 friends. With a fair amount of drinking (4 of us started with a cocktail and we split 2 bottles of wine), the total - including tip - was $300.

    I don't know of an on line menu anywhere, the menus are printed (it seems) daily. The grass fed steak is always good, and they do a very good job on fish. I had a pulled pork sandwitch once that I wasn't thrilled with (too fatty), but other than that have never had anything less than a very good meal, usually a great meal.

    1. Aloha SoCal Boy -
      Town is a favorite of ours. With a couple of rounds of cocktails, apps, dinner and dessert, my husband and I can usually plan on around $150 with tip. The menu does change frequently, although as a regular diner, it wouldn't kill me if it changed even more frequently. If you go - get the Roasted Chicken with Panzanella salad. I usually steer away from chicken when dining out, after all, how can you possibly make chicken interesting? HOWEVER, this chicken is brined, then roasted with vert jus, garlic, herbs de provence and grapes. The salad It is absolutely unforgettable, Tatsoi + pinenuts with dried, torn bread, pan cooked with the Tatsoi.

      The staff is casual and service is comfortable and prompt without being intrusive. I very much like the vibe they have, it allows me to relax too.

      It's hard in Honolulu to find menus for smaller restaurants (I don't know why) but do some internet searches, Town is a favorite of local foodies and you will find some reviews.
      Give Town a call - they are incredibly accommodating, and I am sure they will fax you today's menu.
      PS - they have some fun house cocktails too-their mixologist has fun with it!

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      1. re: tsays

        Now, I admit it's been awhile - like 2 years - but I read another review of that chicken, calling it the 'best chicken dish in the world,' or something like that. So, I ordered it, expectations sky-high... only to be rather disappointed. Perhaps I would have liked it had I not had it so built up, but I don't know. Did like the atmosphere, although I remember a very limited wine list. Again, it has been 2 years...

        Personally, would rather go to 3660 any day, but atmosphere is much stuffier, so we prefer to sit at the bar there.

        1. re: torta basilica

          Torta glad to see you posting! I eat at Town quite frequently. I like lunch there. Dinner is great too except I hate being out at night.......The wine list
          is in my opinion carefully selected and matches well with their style of food.
          The prices certainly are affordable. They actually had an incredible value on a Pio Cesare a couple months ago which is unheard of. I've never had the chicken so I can't comment. Last time I was there they brought out some gnocchi filled with gorgonzola that were like little light as air puffs of velvet cracking with flavors. It's funny because every time I go there I see someone I know which doesn't happen everyplace.

          1. re: manomin

            Sigh. Wish I could be a Kaimuku local too... Those gnocchi sound to die for! Again, it's been 2 years since I've been to Town, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.

            Do me a favor, though - try the chicken. Maybe I'm totally off, and I think it was like hearing about the best movie ever that I'm going to love every moment and then seeing it and not being able to help but feel a little let down.

            1. re: torta basilica

              Well I'm not a Kaimuki "local" I live over on the Windward side. Just seems people I know go there like me! I will try the chicken maybe I can get a sample.
              They have the best mussels in a cinzano/fennel/tomato broth with those tiny
              tiny pearl pasta pieces that add incredible texture and flavor. When they have clams which I don't like I ask for them on the side and take them home to make my dog food with, the broth is heavenly!
              Always good to see you posting Torta!

      2. I went to town last week when I was home for a visit, but I was very disappointed, particularly with the service. We went for an earlish dinner and they were not full while we were there, yet our waiter kept disappearing. It took 15 minutes to get our drinks, three requests and 10 mins to get catsup for fries, etc. The food was good, but not great. We had an ahi tar tar app (tasty, small), and we all had ribeyes with fries (good, but although we all ordered the medium rare they came out medium or more, except for my father's, which was rare). We also had Hamakua mushrooms (nice, but difficult to distinguish the individual mushroom types in the mix) and ulu (good, but we only got about 6 one-inch cubes for $6!). I had mango sorbet for dessert but found it too sweet to eat (you could barely taste the mango over the sugar). Also, the seats were about as uncomfortable as they come and at the end of the meal my back hurt quite a bit. It was also quite loud, even though they were not full. And, oddly, they had no local beers on offer. I'd go back if dining companions wanted to go, but I am in no rush.

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        1. re: akq

          Usually there are Maui Brewing Co. beers on the list and they come in cans.

          1. re: manomin

            My SO is a big beer fan and was quite surprised that there were no local beers on the list. Maybe they ran out that night. Not a huge point, just a disappointment. He did, however, get a cocktail that was quite good. I forget the name, but it was pomelo, gin and compari (with pink peppercorns). Quite nice.

            1. re: manomin

              Thanks... I have a friend in Sonoma that is desperate for some Maui Coconut Porter in a can... its on my taste list.

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