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Aug 18, 2008 10:06 AM

Needed: Good AllPurpose tomato sauce for canning

It's that time of year and my dude and i are getting ready to put up some sauce for winter. We'd like to keep it rather generic so it could be used in any situation that calls for tomato.

Last year, we cooked the toms in a little olive oil for 45 min. or so, milled them, then cooked for another 20 minutes. Added quite a bit of salt and even then,. I though the sauce tasted bland so gave it some sugar. We were following Ball instructions and added 1 T. lemon juice to each jar. Overall, neither of us were thrilled with the results (and i think the lemon juice addition made it too acidic.)

Does anyone have a recipe for us to try out?

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  1. have you tried this basic recipe on CHOW: ?

    it's super versatile.

    as for packing and processing, you can just follow these instructions:

    1. I started canning a little late in the fall last time (fine, it was already early winter!) and the tomatoes weren't as good as they should have been. I found the best way to handle them was to blanch and peel them, then roast them with garlic, salt and olive oil. The roasting intensified the flavour quite nicely. They were soft enough to mash into a chunky puree. Then I followed canning instructions (lemon juice, hot water bath, etc).