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Aug 18, 2008 09:57 AM

New Baltimore Favorites?

Hi all,

I recently moved out of Baltimore, and I'm coming home (hooray) this weekend to visit with the family. Saturday night is a belated birthday dinner with my Dad, so I want to try somewhere new, good, and fun. I know I can rely on the Cindy Wolf restaurants, Jack's Bistro, Kali's Court, etc, but I'd love to try Bmore's latest and greatest! Any suggestions on the best new restaurant in Baltimore?


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  1. Clementine opened a few months ago and gets very favorable reviews

    there is also Woodberry Kitchen

    and The Dogwood

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    1. re: hon

      I strongly 2nd the Clementine rec. I've been there quite a few times and have been in heaven. Make a reservation though. It's really busy on weekend nights.

      1. re: ronandaim

        Clemtine sounds great, but I was hoping to stay downtown for dinner. Any thoughts for that area? Thanks!

        1. re: agoldman

          Sounds like you're pretty up on the Bmore restaurant scene. Given where you've been and your preferences, Woodberry or Dogwood are two great options. By the way, Woodberry gets spotty reviews so you may want to hit Dogwood for something more reliable.

          Other changes in Bmore include that Brass Elephant has a new chef that has brought to the restaurant a shift from New American to Italian. Also, Abacrombie has a new chef. Unfortch, I wouldn't describe either of these two as fun but your family may enjoy the ambience.

          Lastly, Joe Squared just underwent renovations and the installment of a coal-fired pizza oven so you may want to head to there for one of your meals.

    2. It may not be exactly what you're after, and a bit far from downtown, but you may want to check out Annabel Lee