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[DFW] Who has the best Peking Duck?

I recently tried the Peking Duck at Mr. Wok in Plano, and it was pretty good. However, I am still looking for that perfect dish. The standard to which I judge all others is the Peking Duck at Peking Gourmet Inn in the Wash DC area, and I have not found any match it in DFW. Any suggestions?

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  1. Are you looking for the entire buns, hoisin sauce, onion, duck meat removed from the bone Peking duck experience? If so, I'm afraid you'll have to head down I-45 to Sinh Sinh in Houston.

    If you're just looking for solid Chinese roast duck, try First Chinese BBQ.

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      From my scouring of my menu collection it looks like Kirin Court, Shanghai and I believe Sing Kee all might have peking duck.

      Kirin Court it is called Roasted Duck served with flour buns and choice of 1 or 2 ways $23.95 for one way, $28.95 for two...prices might have gone up slightly but this menu is recent as of April/May....214-575-8888

      Shanghai has it with pancake and soup for $27.95....recent as of June.....972-239-1400

      Sing Kee I would call but I know they have roasted duck and all....I wouldn't doubt they have peking duck or coudl prepare it for you with notice......972-889-3888.

      I am not sure about Maxims but I bet they would prepare it with notice!

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        Yeah, Maxim's serves it, too. I had Peking Duck at NSD (now closed) as a part of their special Chinese NY course earlier this year, but I'm not big on peking duck so not the best judge.

    2. I will also try these places below. I grew up at the Peking Gourmet Inn near DC, and haven't found anything as good out here.

      1. May Dragon in Addison does a Peking Duck Three Ways.

        When I had it a few years back, I remember enjoying it quite a bit, but that was before I was spoiled with more authentic Chinese places. :-)

        As a plus, their decor is pretty nice compared to most other Chinese restaurants around. They also don't use MSG if that's a factor...

        According to their website, it goes for $32. http://www.maydragon.com/Cuisine.html

        1. Although I haven't been there in a long time, I always remembered, Kang's in Irving as having the very best Peking Duck in the DFW area. The original owner has since retired but, his son is at the helm now.

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            I believe Kang's Cafe is closed. The phone number is disconnected.


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              Kang's Cafe has been closed for quite a while now. It has since been replaced by Temptations Cuisine which is Himalayan (better IMO). Temptations was also written up in Guidelive



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              I think his son is the one who runs Mr. Wok in Plano.

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                That's correct, Mr. Wok is run by the same family as Kang's.

            3. I agree w/ May Dragon. Peking Duck 3 ways is the traditional way of serving it. It is very nice. I would certainly go ahead and give that try. While you're there you may as well as have the 3 ingredient soup, also very good.

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                I stay in Addison two or three times a year. I have had good Peking Duck and other dishes at May Dragon. I like the classy, yet casual atmosphere.

                Bigray in Ok

              2. My absolute fav. Peking duck is from Caravelle in Richardson. Delicious.

                1. I was watching the Travel Channel earlier and they did a spot on Peking Duck. Interesting sidenote, the traditional manner of determining doneness is by appearance and weight (feel) - a "mechanical" scale is not used.

                  Anyway, I've never tried this dish before and have now decided I need to, but require an education first. If done 2 ways (with soup at the end), among how many average eaters may this dish be reasonably shared?

                  Also, since last Aug, have any new locations other than May Dragon and Mr. Wok popped on the radar? In Tarrant County?

                  1. Sing Kee in Richardson serves it the authentic way with deboned duck, freshly made steam buns (instead the pancake that is as thin as a crepe), hoisin sauce, and scallions. They will serve it 1 way, 2 way, or 3 way. We always order it one way. And I prefer the steam buns versus the crepe-like pancake.

                    The excellent thing about Peking Duck at Sing Kee is that they will prepare it at any time and you don't need 24 hours advanced noticed. However, it will take about 15-20 minutes for them to make the steam buns. I personally prefer the PD at Sing Kee over Sinh Sinh in Houston. However, Sinh Sinh in Houston is an extremely interesting restaurant that serves the freshest seafood. The restuarant is filled with fresh saltwater tanks where all kinds are exotic seafood is kept alive before it is ordered. Sinh Sinh and other Houston Asian restaurants specializing in fresh seafood deserve their own thread.

                    The other place that I know of that serves PD without notice is Peking Duck in Carrolton Texas on Trinity Mills. However, they serve the duck prepared tableside in the pancakes, instead of the whole duck at Sing Kee.

                    August Moon and Kang's in Irving also served PD. However, Kang's required 24 hour notice and they served it with pancake. As reported Kang's is closed and I am not sure if August Moon is still around. There used to be several locations of AM.

                    Maxim's serves it. However, I don't think they do as good of a job of rendering the fat off the duck. Haven't tried the duck at May Dragon, however, if their other dishes are an indication, it might be the authentic experience you are looking for.