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Aug 18, 2008 08:20 AM

Is there a UK equivalent to Open Table?

Is there an online restaurant reservation service equivalent to open table for the UK (specifically London)? I know open table does have some London restaurants but it seems like a lot of the top, high-end restaurants are not listed on there.

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  1. Try or

    1. Yes it is called toptable there may be others as well.

      1. You could also try
        They have lots of good restaurants too and quite a few have really excellent offers

          1. thanks for the suggestions; i made a reservation for le gavroche on toptable, so here's hoping that it's a trustworthy website and a good meal!

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              1. re: ViolentScarlet

                toptable deals with thousands of bookings every day - it is perfectly trustworthy. (You can also use the points you receive for making a booking towards a free meal or a cookery book, which is a bonus). Make sure you get a confirmation email for your booking for peace of mind.

                Enjoy Le Gavroche - it's wonderful :)