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Aug 18, 2008 08:19 AM

Rockmore Floating Restaurant, Salem?

Does this place still exist? They don't seem to answer the phone. If they are still around, how is it? Reviews are sparse, but I saw a couple that weren't so great. I'm not looking for fine cuisine, just something not terrible. We plan to be in Salem this week and it looks like it might be fun place to stop for a light lunch/snack when the weather is good.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

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  1. nice for a cocktail but the food is HORRIBLE!

    1. A few summers ago, it anchored in Boston Harbor for the month of Sept. (I think Salem Harbor was having work done and it had to move for the month)and it was pretty good. You're typical burger type menu with a few other options as well as your usual summer libations. The big deal was floating in the harbor with planes coming in very close overhead to land at Logan. Best views around! I had a boat back then and it was a great spot to pull up to. I wish they had stayed in BH permanently.

      1. last summer i had both the burger and the fried haddock sandwich both of which were serviceable. other than that i'd take a pass on the food and stick with the Giant Coronas. they also do a nice Rum Punch.

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          you definitely do not go for the food... more so, the beer and atmosphere. i had the chicken caesar wrap last time and it wasn't horrible though. they will not pick up the phone, you just have to go to the dock and wait for their ferry boat to pick you up. the boat runs regularly and there are instructions on the dock so that you know you are in the right place.

          1. re: msmacandcheese

            Agree with everyone else. Go for the experience & atmosphere, but don't go too hungry. Have a few cocktails and a few light bites, but don't expect to have memorable food here.

        2. The only thing the food is worth ordering for is to feed the fish with it. The fish love french fries. Food is horific in general but is a nice spot out on the water.

          1. Will agree with the naysayers here -- food's lousy. Best thing about this place is its unusual location, plus the idea that you can drive up in a boat if you own one.