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Aug 18, 2008 08:13 AM

Anything good around Loyola University?

I'll be at Loyola University's Lake Shore campus at some point this week to help my sister move in. Is there anything good/quick/cheap to eat in the immediate area for lunch? I may venture to Argyle for dinner. Suggestions for quick/cheap lunch or snack and dinner options are welcome.

Note: I'm pretty familiar with Indian food on Devon, so no need for suggestions on those.

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  1. Try Blue Elephant (thai/japanese) at the corner of Devon and Magnolia (one block west of broadway). They tend to oversauce a bit, but I've had generally pleasant times there.

    If you are looking for something a little less expensive, a walk up north to Jarvis near the redline stop will take you to Charmers cafe/Dagel and Beli. They have some great bagel sandwiches (I'm partial to the Blackforest ham and swiss on a rye bagel with Dijon.)

    1. If you're in a burger mood, hit up Moody's on Broadway and Thorndale for good lunch/dinner/beer garden. Also, check out Thai Grill on Granville, across the street from Metropolis - another great stop for coffee.

      1. Indie Cafe on Broadway and Thorndale is good for sushi/Thai and Ras Dashen a little further south on Broadway is nice for Ethiopian food.

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