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Aug 18, 2008 08:08 AM

Fish in Jackson Heights

In the very long Market Watch thread, there was a discussion about where to buy fresh fish in Jackson Heights. As of this summer, there is a great new, albeit temporary, alternative at the JH Greenmarket. A new stand appeared this year - I think it's called American Seafood - and it's really great quality seafood.

I went yesterday and picked up a haddock fillet and sea scallops. Cooked everything last night and it was all very nice. The guys who run the stand were also helpful and pleasant to talk with. Too bad it's not permanent, but good to have while it lasts!

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  1. It will be missed when the season is over. I've purchase scallops, tuna and maki all very good. On Saturday, I passed a Fish Market just outside of Jackson Heights which looks very promising. I didn't purchase anything since I planned to purchase on Sunday at JH Greenmarket. It's called the 62 Street Fish World at 62-24 Roosevelt Ave. Very large selection of seafood and they serve prepared foods (they have 10 seats). The prepared food is Japanese (Sushi, Sashami, Teriyaki, Noodles, Special Rolls, etc) plus fried foods (shrimp, scallops, crab stick, squid, various fillets). The menu is quite large which include soups. Prices are low. Very interesting place.

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      they've been there -- under a couple of different names -- since before i moved into JH in 1997. not bad -- never had anything terribly 'off' or anything -- but not spectacular, either. sometimes the stuff lays around a bit too long, particularly more expensive fish.

      in terms of prepared stuff, sushi, iirc, was mediocre, fried food reasonably tasty.