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Aug 18, 2008 07:55 AM

Family friendly in Philly?


We're here with another family in Philly. There are 4 kids between us ranging 5 to a baby. We're looking for family friendly restaurants. We went to Jamaica Jerk Hut for dinner last night. It was great as we sat outside and the kids were able to run around freely. The meals were good but the downside was that it took over an hour for our food to be served. I was looking at Creperie Beaumonde for dinner tonight. Can anyone tell me if it's any good and if so, is it kid friendly? Can anyone recommend any family friendly restaurants? We do not like chain restaurants and have already been to Chinatown. We also like ethnic food as well. Thanks.

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  1. Beaumonde is good but I wouldn't take kids there - it's a date type place, though I don't think they'd have any objection to children. If you're hankering for crepes, there's a place on Sansom, between 16th & 17th, whose name I don't recall at the moment. It's very casual and I think it would be better suited to dining with children. The go-to restaurant for families with kids is Jones, and I also recommend Bellini Cafe, Positano Coast (good for dining outside), and Melograno (Melograno doesn't take reservations, so get there early). It's actually harder in Philly to find a restaurant that doesn't take take kids than to find one that does, especially if you dine early. If in doubt, call ahead.

    1. We have gone to Misso, a Japanese restaurant on Spruce between 13th and Broad, with our 2 year old several times. They have pretty good food, and seem to like kids. Since they are usually quite empty I think your group could feel relaxed. Jones on Chestnut and 7th is definitely a good choice - every family I know loves it there. Beau Monde is good but it always takes a long time, either to get a table or to get the food. They are friendly, but it is quite crowded with tables close together, so if the kids want to be walked around at all it is awkward. Fourth Street Deli on Bainbridge is a really casual diner, but excellent huge Jewish sandwiches and dishes. Hope you find something good!

      1. I'm obviously to late to be of any help tonight, but I actually just took my 3 children to Beaumonde for dinner on friday night. It was an early dinner so it wasn't crowded yet, but they loved it! Simple ham and cheese crepes for them with a cheese plate full of fruit and the dessert crepes thrilled them. My children have a more sophisticated pallete than most (my oldest did have escargot) but he also enjoyed teasing his sisters about the snails he was eating. They were great with kids for future reference.

        1. Thank you so much for everyone who has responded. We did go to Jones last night and it was great! The service was fast and the eclectic menu was great as they had something for everyone. We're still here in Philly and we may try Beaumonde.

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            All of the Steven Starr restaurants are kid-friendly, but Jones is the most family oriented. Kids do like El Vez (another Starr joint) though, and they do have a few tables outside (and best for adults, Capogiro across the street). Do visit the Reading Terminal market for a soft pretzel at Fisher's or breakast at the Dutch Eating Place, as the market is very kid friendly and not all that crowded mid week.