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Aug 18, 2008 07:46 AM

Dragon beard candy?

Anyone seen this Chinese candy sold recently anywhere in LA? They used to have a stand at 99 Ranch Market years ago, but I haven't seen it in more than a decade.

Btw, this is what it looks like. The outer layer is a stringy candy, and the inside is a peanut/coconut (I think) powder.

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  1. As I recall nobody's seen it lately in L.A. Koi Palace in Daly City had it at times. Only regular sources I know of are in Canada.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Thanks, Chandavkl. That's what I was afraid of, lol. I read about that place in Daly City. I can't believe there isn't a single place in LA that you can get it.

    2. Oh I really miss this candy, and watching it being made! There was a man who used come to the plaza where Empress Pavilion is, during Chinese New Year's and other times too, I think. He was such an expert and they were so good! Plus someone, maybe the same man, used to sell the very colorful hard candies on a stick, shaped into dragons and other creatures.

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        I think I know who you are talking about... I used to him around in the mid-late 1980's at various functions making candy dragons and animals. Anyone know his name??

      2. There is (or used to be) a Dragon Beard Candy stand in front of Hong Kong Supermarket located at 127 North Garfield Avenue in Monterey Park. The number to the supermarket is (626) 280-8888‎. So far as I can recall, the stand has been there for some 20 years, because I remember having the candy there as a kid. We call it something like Loong Sow Tong (Dragon Whisker Candy in Chinglish). I was craving this candy and I called my mom to ask her if they still make it there. My mom said yes, they still make it, and it costs $10 per box of five. I would call them before going, as I didn't remember seeing it there the last time I went and I don't know when the last time my mother was there. Please let me know if you find it (if so, I'm heading over there, too).

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          How very promising. I remember when they had those packaged ones. It's just not the same, in part because this is candy that has to be ultra fresh.

        2. They sell these in 6 pieces packs at the Tak Sheng Heng around Monterey Park. I think there are 3 flavors, sesame, pop and peanuts.