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Aug 18, 2008 07:39 AM

Dinner at Indigo, Honolulu

No restaurant in Hawai'i, it seems, is more popular with the hearing-impaired. I mean, I've never seen more people with little hearing aids in their right ear, connected to a tightly coiled cord that disappeared beneath their shirts! And they seemed to all be sitting with uniformed Hawai'ian cops, and . . . what do you mean those aren't deaf people? Oh. So THAT'S why they're talking into their shirt collars . . . and THAT'S why there appears to be a Royal Food Taster checking each dish -- but only some of the time -- as they leave the kitchen . . . Obama is in that part of the restaurant that no one else can get near (and rumour has it was once an opium den in what is the long and checkered history of Honolulu's Chinatown).

The food here was quite tasty, but nothing all that memorable or unique. Wine list is weak. Were I a local, I'd probably have it on my list of places I would return to, as sitting in the outdoor patio having cocktails would be a cool place to hang out, but it wouldn't be a first choice for dinner.

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