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Aug 18, 2008 07:25 AM

San Diego dining

I will be in San Diego for three days. I doubt that I will have time to eat breakfast outside of my hotel but would be open to a bakery that makes good muffins in case the hotel breakfast is not good. So I am looking for lunch and dinner options. Previous posts have covered fish tacos and good mexican options in Encinitas so these can be skipped. What are the places a visitor to your great city should not miss?

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  1. Where are you staying? Will you have a car?

    1. What type of food and price level are you looking for? Where will you be staying? Will you have a rental car?

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        Yes, I have a car and am staying in the hotel circle south area. I don't mind driving to places as I will have free time. Price range anything from cheap eats to mid $20 entrees. Looking for places that you just love. It can be a great donut shop, cupcakery, diner, or 3 star restaurant. As I said I am all set on fish tacos (a favorite) from a prior post.

        1. re: professor shorthair

          Fish tacos: Mariscos German
          Fish sandwiches: Blue Water Grille or El Pescador
          Mexican: Super Cocina
          Local/fresh cuisine: The Linkery
          French: The Better Half or Cavaillon
          California Cuisine: Starlite, Blanca, or Market
          Chinese: Ba Ren
          Sushi: Kaito or Sushi Ota
          Beachfront Dining: JRDN
          Beer bars: Hamilton's, O'Brien's, and Toronado

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            Pretty comprehensive, DOL. You might want to copy and save this list for future SD inquiries.

      2. There is a fantastic izakaya (Japanese pub) north of hotel circle on Convoy called Sakura that I'd recommend as a West coast must. It's a little hared to find because they don't have signage excepting a piece of paper in the window. They're next to the Army recruiting office in the shopping center where Tsuruhashi and Original Pancake House are located. I know it's not the type cuisine you mentioned, but if you like Japanese food, you'll enjoy your meal, lunch or dinner. It's also quite reasonably priced and the bento lunch is a bargain if you have a big appetite.

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          Actually it has "OPEN" in giant neon in the window.

          (It is the best Izakaya around.)

        2. For some reason, the link didn't show, so I'm trying again...

          Sakura 1
          3904 Convoy St, San Diego, CA

          1. Two places a visitor should not miss that are close to you are Hamilton's Tavern and O'Brien's Pub. Both are incredible beer bars, which feature a lot of San Diego's best craft brews.