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Aug 18, 2008 07:15 AM

Arlington Brunch

Some family are coming to visit from NY this weekend and we are planning to do brunch. I rarely go out for brunch, so was hoping for some suggestions. I live in Courthouse and the family will be staying nearby, so Courthouse/Clarendon would be ideal, but would be willing to go a little further.

Thanks - I don't want to disappoint them!

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  1. I have had good brunches at Harry's Tap room and Restuarant 3 in Clarendon. The Tallula brunch is also good. Liberty Tavern offers a buffet which is rumored to be pretty good., You can also never go wrong with Whitlows if you want a more relaxed vibe.

    1. Tallulah has an excellent brunch, and outdoor seating to boot. They put their unique twist on a lot of brunch standards. Also, I think that the brunch at Harry's is good. They have a huge brunch menu! I've never been to brunch at Liberty Tavern, but friends say good things about it. Have a great brunch with your family!

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        1. boulevard woodgrill and whitlow's have my favorite brunches in clarendon. my parents are visiting this weekend and we live in courthouse too! i am planning to take them to boulevard for brunch on sunday, (i don't think they'll be too keen on whitlow's bloody mary bar after church) but if you're a bloody mary lover whitlow's bar is definitely worth the trip.

          1. Love, love, love Tallula brunch. Harry's Tap Room is pretty good too, but Tallula is always great, especially the ricotta cherry pancakes.

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              Tallula sounds fantastic! I think We'll try that!