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Aug 18, 2008 06:50 AM

Morro Bay

We will be in Morro Bay at the end of August for some birdwatching - without having to drive to Pismo or S.L.O. - may I please request a short list of places to try that are actually in Morro Bay? The last post I could find for Morro Bay was dated 2006. And I know things change.

For the central coast, we have eaten at and enjoyed Big Sky in S.L.O., McLintock's (asst. locations) and Firestone-Walker Brewery in Buellton. So, not looking necessarily for high end dining, just somewhere with decent food to try in Morro Bay. Draft beer a plus!

Does 'Taco Temple' still exist?

Many thanks in advance. (2nd time I've tried to post this, so apologies if this appears twice).

So Ho La,

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  1. Taco Temple does indeed still exist and is a favorite of mine. Another place I enjoy is Bayside Cafe on the marina in the state park. They have good food and open for lunch daily and serve dinner Thurs-Sun I believe. If you want something more upscale Windows on the Water and Shawn's on Main are both good choices.

    1. A great bird watching area is across from the Baywood B & B and you can eat breakfast as well at Tim's. Great muffins, good parking, check the tide tables.

      1. I've really enjoyed Thai Boat on the embarcadero for take-out (they have dine-in, but it's a small place). Turnaround can be a bit slow, but if you visit during an off-hour, the food comes pretty fast. Great stir-fries and curries. No beer, but you could probably bring your own if you call ahead and ask.

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          If Karla's Kountry Kitchen is still around go there. It's up the hill from the smoke stacks. Just decent ol' good breakfasts.

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            Thai Boat is undergoing remoldel. Call ahead to see if it's finshed. A favorite of mine as well.

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              Oooh, good tip... I'm heading up there this weekend!

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                I've had friends suggest Dorn's for breakfast and possibly and French Bakery @ Front Street Inn and Spa for sandwiches. What do you think of these two suggestions, geekyfoodie? Or anyone else? Thanks for all the replies thus far (I am the OP).

                So Ho La

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                  The French Bakery has superb pastries and good crossaints
                  Their coffee is fine when fresh, make sure the pot is almost full.

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                    We definitely plan to try the French Bakery; might just be heading into SLO for some Peet's coffee. Who has the nicest espresso in Morro Bay?

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                      I'm not sure who has the best espresso, but I know one place to avoid. There's a cafe in the state park (where Bayside Cafe is located). Good pastries, horrible and overpriced espresso. For the life of me, I can't remember the name, but it's right on the water, not far from the butterfly sanctuary.

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                        Blue Moon on north Main Street, just across from Taco Temple (Spencer's Market parking lot) is the best, but they are closed for vacation, I believe. Otherwise, Two Dogs downtown on Main Street, just off Morro Bay Boulevard.

                        Geekyfoodie (below) do you mean the cafe over in the town of Baywood Park? Rght on the water and yes, the coffee isn't all that great. Pastries are better, but I like Carlock's Bakery just up Los Osos Vlly Rd for standard Amercian style pastries, with a bit of marizpan thrown in. Good stuff.

                        To my knowledge, Bayside Cafe is the only food venue in Morro Bay State Park unless there's some food at the golf course shop, but that's up the hill from the bay.

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                          Aren't Orchid and The Bay Club (Inn at Morro Bay) also inside the park?

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                            you're right PB, Orchid/ Inn at MB are just inside the west entrance. But my brain was mentally searching for a cafe, so I didn't think of it...

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                            Toodie Jane, that's the cafe I'm talking about. And YES, Cracklock's is definitely waaaay better. I went there twice this past weekend.

                            And in other fabulous pastry news, Cayucos Gas (formerly the Chevron station in Cayucos) is back and the cinnamon buns are as wonderful as ever.

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                              thanks! you "cracked" me up!

                              and keep the "fabulous pastry news" comin'!

              2. My favorite lunch spot in MB is Hofbrau which is right on the water. Their french dip roast beef sandwiches are hand carved and the best I've had anywhere. They also have good fish and chips and a few beers on tap.

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                  We went there - you're right - it was a great place! Many thanks for all the recommendations!

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                    What's the word about The Great American Fish Company? Any good? How about Kittys? I remember a really good hamburger at the latter a few years ago.