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Absinthe spoon

Hi all,

I need to find an absinthe spoon in Toronto, and preferably not for too much money. Any ideas where one can get one?


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  1. I've ordered a couple off of ebay. It might be easier than scouring novelty stores in Toronto..

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      I should have mentioned this, but ordering online and waiting isn't an option. My friend purchased a bottle that he wants to share with me this Thursday, and it can't be done later than that as I am moving.

      Thanks all the same for the suggestion, though!

    2. Mine came from an antique dealer. I've never seen them anywhere else. Do they still make them?

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      1. re: jillybean38

        Mine came with my last bottle of absinthe.

      2. You might consider calling a bar that serves a lot of absinthe and asking if they know of a good source. That new bar The Ossington specializes in it, as does upstairs at Czehoski.

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        1. A tea strainer is easy to get and works well... but I have used a regular spoon many times...

          1. There's tons of absinthiana online(caveat emptor) to resource this nano-fad. Otherwise, a spoon and a power drill are your best friends.

            1. While it's true that forks and normal spoons work equally well, I think the poster is looking for the traditional slotted spoon to get the full effect, in appreciation of his friend's thoughtfulness in buying a bottle to begin with.

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                yes but with only 4 days notice till he needs the spoon any "mail order" option is out of the question...

              2. Hi all,

                Thanks for all your tips and suggestions! I just found someone late this afternoon online who had more spoons than she knew what to do with and was willing to lose one my way. Sorry to trouble everyone here!

                1. One of the brands of Absinthe sold in the vintages section at the LCBO comes with a spoon...I think it was about $85 for a 750 ml bottle

                  1. Hello,
                    If you end up liking absinthe, try this vendor for accessories. They have ultra fast shipping to CA. www.absintheonthenet.com

                    1. does anyone knw where i can buy absinthe in toronto..ive been looking and i couldnt find it!!

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                        At the LCBO!
                        Of course, all the current versions are not the 'real' thing which has been illegal for decades.
                        HILL'S ABSINTHE*
                        Czech Republic | Creative Trade S.R.O.
                        587204 | 700 mL | $ 73.30

                        PERNOD ABSINTHE*
                        France | S.E.G.M. Pernod International
                        604496 | 700 mL | $ 81.95
                        Both are widely available in Vintages sections of LCBO - call them for details of availability or visit their website.