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Aug 18, 2008 06:36 AM


My family is taking our mother to Montreal in early October to celebrate her 65th birthday and we are looking for a restaurant for dinner. I have searched the board for appropriate places, and have found many great suggestions in general, but have been unable to find anywhere that can accomodate a large group of 10 that includes 3 children, ages 9 to 14 - and here is the twist - the kids all happen to be vegetarians. But we are not looking for a vegetarian restaurant, just one that offers non-meat dishes.

Also - do most restaurants in Montreal take reservations this far ahead? Or am I going to need to wait until 30 days beforehand as is common in other cities?

Thanks for any help -

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  1. Almost any place in Montreal can accommodate a group of 10 - that shouldn't be a problem. As for reservations, AFAIK they don't play the 30-day reservation game here - you can reserve when you want. That being said, each restaurant probably has their own guidelines as to how far in advance they will take reservations, but the best way to find out is, of course, to call.
    Recommendations are a little tougher to suggest without knowing the budget you're looking at, but do a search of the board and you should find plenty of suggestions.

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      Thanks for the information regarding reservations.
      As for budget, looking for something up to $20-25/entree.

    2. William68, can you give us an idea of what the kids will eat? Fish, shellfish, eggs, cheese? This would help a lot for recs.

      1. Will, you might want to try contacting Baton Rouge. While mainly a steakhouse, their menu carries veggie friendly appetizers (creamy potato soup on menu and other yummy soups of day as well as spinach and cheddar dips with tortillas), salads, entrées (grilled vegetable sandwich or tuna baguette) and sides, as well as ample fish (catch of the day) and chicken selections. The pasta primavera is pretty good :-)

        They easily do family dinners and reserving for 10 is usually a piece of cake, you can contact them by phone or reserve online at their website.

        1. Hi,
          I'm a vegetarian (no meat, fish, or eggs but do eat cheese). For a nice dinner in your price range, I can recommend the following:
          La Pizzella - Italian restaurant with entrees priced between $15-$30 (most of it is under $25, I think the $30 entree is something I regard as "fancy"). The service is good (reminds me of places I went to in Italy), they have a decent house red (if you like Italian wine), they take reservations, and have something for everyone. It isn't super fancy but I find that most people are slightly on the "dressier" side and they have an upstairs that I think is open most of the time and a little quieter. They have vegetarian pizza and pasta which will appeal to the kids. It's the kind of place I would bring my extended family to.

          Other than this place I can't think of anything that meets all your requirements. I normally go to veggie restaurants or places that are on the loud/cheap/not entirely birthday-appropriate side of things.