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Aug 18, 2008 05:58 AM

Fresh World International Supermarket - Pasadena/Glen Burnie

Stopped by the new Fresh World on Rt. 2 across from Marley Station this weekend to see if their opening date was posted. And they were open...the grand opening was Friday! The place was absolutely packed. I did a quick walkthrough, but it was tough because of the crowds. The register lines were enormous, so I didn't bother to do any shopping. My first impression was that it's much nicer than Lotte, and definately on par with H-Mart. There was a lot of commotion in the seafood area so I couldn't scope it out well, but what I saw looked fantastic, with a number of live tanks. The meat section looked very good, better than H-Mart, the produce section may have been a little smaller. Overall I thought they did a great job. Oh, and they had a ton of samples. I'm not sure if this will be a normal occurance or not, but it was fun.

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  1. Is this in the shopping center with the Giant, Home Depot, Circuit City, etc.?

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      Yes, it's in the former Giant location, more or less directly across from Anne's Daricreme.

    2. I stopped by on Saturday and actually managed to get some shopping done. They were supposed to open on Friday, but the gal at the checkout said that they actually opened on Saturday due to an unforseen delay. (??) In any case, yes, it was mayhem.

      But, I did manage to get some great head-on shrimp (so I could make stock) and head-off shrimp. I'd say 25-28 ct for $4.99 /lb. Meat prices were quite good, and they even had some cuts that I just can't find in my traditional grocer or even Whole Paycheck, such as skirt steak.

      But mainly, I stocked up on staples like curry pastes, rice seasoning, frozen fish case/balls, fresh noodles, laver and other condiments.

      Oh, the produce section was pretty good. Yes, a little smaller than H-Mart, but I'm not complaining. Especially since Fresh World is only an 8 minute drive from home. I found just about everything I need. Was looking for fresh lychee fruit, but didn't find it this trip.

      I'll definitely be back. I usually make the H-Mart trek once every 6-8 weeks. Now, I can make Asian dinners in a more spontaneous fashion, which has my family pretty happy.

      Oh... if anyone runs across any fresh or frozen Wild (kaffir) lime leaves, let us know. I looked all over, but it was so crazy, I was glad I made it out alive, with a nearly full cart in less than 2 hours. :)

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      1. re: gm_smith

        We were there on Saturday, too! Definitely need to shop there on weekday afternoons for the next few months.

        We got pork belly. :) You could buy salmon heads, chicken feet, beef feet, tripe, and all sorts of good stuff. Their chicken breasts were a ridiculous $1.39/pound.

        They had durian fruit! At least, I think that's what the label said.

        It is 90% Asian food, with one full aisle devoted to Latin American fare, and 1/2 aisle to Middle Eastern and Indian fare.

        Definitely happy that they are there. As are a lot of people in the area, as evidenced by the swarms of people and the posts.

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          Found a place whos name ends in Watt on University blvd. Going west past New Hampshire and Riggs, it's on the left next to a gas station. However, two bags of brown leaves is all they had this time. Wegmans/Ashburn sez they don't carry them(any more). Finally found good frozen leaves at the Thai Market/carry out in Bethesda on Thayer. Also had frozen galangal(?), OK lemon grass and Thai basil and more.

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            Greetings -- I live just down the road and I am very excited -- roommate went on saturday and they said that it was an inspection or something that delayed the opening. We went Monday and yes we saw fresh lychee there in the produce section.. 1.99 a pound.. the cashier did say that these were a lot of 'opening' sales and wont be cheap for long.. but yes, boneless skinless for 1.39, how can you pass it up? There was also tons of short ribs, real skirt, beef tongue, pork tongue, pork heart, pork liver, pork uteri (Im not joking).

            Im not very asian but I did remember the ingredients to make a fine jap chae when I passed the noodle section. We also found a HUGE variety of frozen pork buns and such. Also saw many things that I hadnt seen since culinary school (rauram, e-too and sawleaf, etc) and sour melons and fuzzy chayote??? which I had never ever seen before.

            1. re: gm_smith

              Believe it or not if the head on shrimp are not live, you're better off getting headless. There's a compound in the heads that taints the rest of the shrimp within a few hours of dying. if you look through the transcripts on the show on shrimp from the alton brown fan site:
              you'll find the reference

              I gave up on sourcing kaffir lime leaves ... so I ordered a tree
              and another one from edible landscaping down in afton Va.
              (need two to get fruit
              )I was more enthusiastic about the produce I saw at "Fresh World" We drove up there last Friday from Annapolis. I saw stuff the produce and the oriental section that I haven't seen since I was in Tokyo years ago. The basic produce put most of what we have in Safeway, Whole Foods and Giant to shame. If they opened an additional store in this area they could do some serious damage to the other greengrocers. jccampb

            2. I stopped the store on Saturday, too. Yes, it was absolutely packed! I only could strolled through the store briefly. The cashier line seemed endless so I did not buy anything then. I was tired of the crowd so could not check everything but the store seemed wonderful, especially the fish department. I should come back here on weekdays. It is great because it seems I do not have to drive to Ellicott City or Catonsville.
              I found an article here

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              1. re: sallyneko

                Okay so I went to this place today which I love -- and theyre painting over the sign.. to close on thursday and a new "greenmart" to open the next day.. I forget the name, it sounds like its an all organic place or something.. might be the same management but who knows?

                1. re: Turkeybone

                  Great news...the new Allgreen supermarket opened today in the place of Fresh World. And the best news of's essentially the exact same place. Really, just about everything is exactly the same, just moved around. They've swapped the Asian and American packaged good placement, and shrunk the fresh fish and meat sections. However, all of the meat cuts were still there as far as I could tell, and so was a lot of fresh fish. I think the new setup might allow them to keep less inventory out...but the selection is still very impressive. And the live tanks are still there, today filled with a few types of fish, eel, and dungeness crabs. The produce is really still the same, with a little different layout. So...I don't know how the slight changes will really help out their business, bit I'm thrilled since I loved the old store.

                  1. re: Turkeybone

                    I went to the new store today. I am happy that the store has not changed drastically, the store keeps almost same products. The arrangements of the product shelves have changed as Jason1 san explained. I heard from my Korean friend that the previous owner could not make a good profit because there are not so many Asians here.. The ownership was sold to the new owner. I found some new products (canned coffees & bottled teas) so I am happy, however, as a Japanese, I am not safisfied with the selection of rice.

                2. I went here for the first time today. I thought the grocery store was as good as H Mart. I got 3 ribeyes for $6.00 so I'm happy with that. I trued the sushi bar as well. I got some sushi to go. It was about 7:40 pm and I was told that they closed at 9. The sushi chef said that all that was available was the pre made sushi. He picked p 3 boxes and told me I could have them for $10. One box was marked $3.99 and two boxes were marked $6.99. I was really in the mood for nigiri and these were rolls but I figured it was a good deal and took the 3 for $10 deal. Now that I am home I see I have an eel roll with mango and two other rolls with mango, avocado and some sort of pickle. I realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch but this is ridiculous.

                  Has anyone had sushi here?

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