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Aug 18, 2008 05:00 AM

Kosher Burrito across from City Hall Downtown?

Is it still there, did they move?

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  1. It closed 3 or 4 years ago to make way for the Caltrans Bldg. I believe.
    Not sure if it re-opened anywhere.
    Miss that place!

    1. does anyone know where this is?

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      1. That was the best place ever, and the most delicious tasting burritos i have ever tasted, please update location if possible!!!

          1. according to google images place is the picture is in Las Vegas – an imitation of a downtown Los Angeles institution, the Kosher Burrito.

            The Kosher burrito is exactly what you think it is: a flour tortilla filled with pastrami, California-style chili, cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and mustard. It was born in the heart of L.A. when a Jewish deli stand adjusted their menu to appeal to the tastes of the ever-growing number of Mexican workers in the area. Though the original L.A. restaurant and the beloved Vegas imitation are gone today, their memory lives on.

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              that sounds a bit like this but not quite.


              anyone willing to re-intoduce the onslaught comeback of the Kosher Burrito ????

              I'll gladly put in some investment dough hopefully.

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                The photo above is nothing at all like the original Kosher Burrito stand on First St. in Downtown LA through the 1960s. And it was NOT across the street from City Hall, it was across the street from the City Health Dept building (located at 111 E. First St, and now known as City Hall East, after the city ceded its health dept to the county in 1965). My dad worked as the Graphic Artist for the Health Dept (City and County) until his death in 1980, and while he worked for the City, I would spend many a summer and Christmas vacation day with him at work.

                The original owners of the Kosher Burrito were Mary and Marty -- I don't think I ever knew their last names. Their stand was just a couple of hundred square feet with counter seating. Not only did they make a great pastrami burrito, but their hamburgers were pretty good, too. I'm not sure what really happened to the KB after the couple left the business, but it was never quite the same, and I stopped eating there.

                1. re: wienermobile

                  HC, I remember that place! Was just talking about it to a friend, and HAD to look it up...

                  I miss the Kosher Burrito. It's been close to 25 years and yet my mouth is watering at the thought...

                  1. re: wienermobile

                    You're right, that's not the way the Kosher Burrito looked. It was small and was located really close to the street with only a handful number of seats. Once the place was "open" it was open, I don't recall entering a door, but I do recall the "kosher burrito" -- with mustard! Sadly, I think the one I used to LOVE had a hot dog on it too! NOT really kosher...

                    1. re: CChelle

                      If it was Kosher it would not have cheese with the meat.