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Kosher Burrito across from City Hall Downtown?

Is it still there, did they move?

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  1. It closed 3 or 4 years ago to make way for the Caltrans Bldg. I believe.
    Not sure if it re-opened anywhere.
    Miss that place!

    1. does anyone know where this is?

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      1. That was the best place ever, and the most delicious tasting burritos i have ever tasted, please update location if possible!!!

          1. according to google images place is the picture is in Las Vegas – an imitation of a downtown Los Angeles institution, the Kosher Burrito.

            The Kosher burrito is exactly what you think it is: a flour tortilla filled with pastrami, California-style chili, cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and mustard. It was born in the heart of L.A. when a Jewish deli stand adjusted their menu to appeal to the tastes of the ever-growing number of Mexican workers in the area. Though the original L.A. restaurant and the beloved Vegas imitation are gone today, their memory lives on.

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              that sounds a bit like this but not quite.


              anyone willing to re-intoduce the onslaught comeback of the Kosher Burrito ????

              I'll gladly put in some investment dough hopefully.

            2. There's always the laffas in the kosher district pico area. I love those

              1. I only had it once, about 30 years ago. It was utterly awesome. Sad I never made it back.

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                  just go to oki dog for that...add two hotdogs for the okidog

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                    ok, i know okidog does the chili-cheese-pastrami-dog thing. but didn't Kosher Burrito's standard offering have a hot dog in it too?