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Aug 18, 2008 01:35 AM

Burgers in Columbia, SC?

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to get a good burger in the Columbia area? It seems Rockaway's is the most popular for their Pimento Burger but I'm looking some other options. A definite plus would be if they're willing to cook their burgers anything other than well done. I haven't found a place yet that's willing to cook their burgers medium rare.


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    1. I like Five Guys. Yes, it is now a chain, but am I excused because I've been eating these burgers since before they were a chain, when their only shop was in Alexandria, VA? A regular (that is, double) with cheese, fried onions, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles. Gooey goodness. That said, they only cook their burgers well done (but they're not dried out). Their regular fries are great--get the smaller size, as its huge, and don't let them sit in the bag too long or they'll get soggy.

      Because I like Five Guys, I haven't tried out a lot of the local competitors, like Rockaways or Zesto's or Salty Dog. So I cannot comment on whether Five Guys is better than these guys.

      1. Coming to Columbia on I 26 W there is outdoor advertising bill board that claims that Hardee's has the best Burgers in Columbia. It gives one pause.

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          Pause for what? That Carl's Junior has more advertising money than the mom & pops?

        2. Hampton Street vineyard has a burger on thier lunch menu that is fantastic. And yes they will cook it to order.

          1. For a thinner but good homemade burger, try Palmetto Sandwich Shop on Sumter. Righteous fries as well. Mac's on Laurel is a also an old favorite of mine - I have been eating at both of them for over 20 years and keep going back. I do like Rockaway, and Mr. Friendly's has a good burger as well if you want something "fancier". Zesto is pretty good also.