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Bruges inexpensive, is it so hard to find restaurants?

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i have read thru all the threads concerning bruges and the only not that expensive restaurants ( 30€ max per night per person ) is the cafe/restaurant Passage.
are there other recommendations?
we only have to 2 nights in bruges and we would love to eat proper food like for example "chez michel" in paris. is there something like this in bruges?
thanks a lot

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  1. please help me, i dont want to starve!

    1. Why don't you talk to the locals when you get to Bruges? Also while you're walking around, look at restaurants and menus and take notes. Self-discovery is part of the point of travel, yes?

      1. Honestly, I don't remember the restaurant where we had lunch, but I do remember the lovely tea room, Carpe Diem. Gorgeous pastries to rival those in Paris!



        1. Last time I was in Bruges was 1972.

          What I remember is great food, everywhere in town. I was on Interrail, and had NO money, but the best place to eat on my whole trip through western Europe was Bruges. I can still remember the taste of the salad of mussels I had, eating out of a cup and sitting on a lawn beside the city moat ...

          Hard to imagine that this corner of Belgium is less food fanatic than the rest. Be assured, you will not starve !!

          1. Belgium has great food. You'll have no problem eating well. Ask around, look at menus, you really can't go too far wrong. We found that some of the street food was amazing - waffle stands, sausages, etc., so you can think about doing that for one meal to splurge on another too.