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Aug 17, 2008 10:16 PM

BC Road Trip!


This Friday I'll be heading up to BC (from L.A.) for a two week road trip. I'll be landing in Vancouver Friday afternoon, doing a bit of pre-drive shopping (MES, Whole Foods, ?), and heading out bright and early Saturday in order to meet the Sunday morning Port Hardy/Prince Rupert ferry. From there it's 8-10 days up the Stewart-Cassiar Highway (37) to Upper Laird (or Whitehorse - time permitting), then down the Alaska Highway, through the parks, and back for a day or two in Vancouver.

My research tells me that my food choices are pretty limited once I leave Prince Rupert. I'm prepared to eat a lot of cheese and kipper sandwiches, but I was hoping y'all might have some some advise/experiances/must sees/must eats/exhaust manifold or tailgate recipes to share. I'll eat just about anything, and (since I'll be eating out of a cooler most of the time) budget isn't a huge worry.

Also, where can I buy a cheap cooler in Vancouver?


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  1. That's quite a trip!

    I suggest stocking up on cheese, salumi, jerky, and other goods at Granville Island Public Market (I would have also recommended a trip to Commercial Dr, but the best charcuterie store there JN&Z will be closed for their summer break).

    Get a small butane cooker, butane BBQ and a cooler at Canadian Tire or London Drugs.

    Have fun.

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    1. re: fmed

      The market looks great, hopefully I can make it before they close. Thanks for the stove/cooler advise too.

      1. re: B Minus

        If you are going to Granville Island, be certain to check out Oyama Meats. Superb cured meats including 15 or so different types of prosciutto. Really the best place for cured BC meats. (who can say 'no' to the prospect of wild boar prosciutto?)

    2. Granville is also a great place to pick up candied salmon, a road trip must for me. If you have a costco membership, they also have it there. The downtown location is quite convenient. Breads from Terra Breads at Granville Island are also very good. I don't know how fresh it will stay while you are on the road. Ziplocs are pretty handy. The Asian supermarket T&T has a great selection of different snacks and drinks : nuts, nori, green tea in boxes and bottles, dried fish (the kind served with beer). Have fun.

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      1. re: toutefrite

        T&T is a block from the downtown costco, and is open pretty late on friday.

        1. re: toutefrite

          Perfect! I was hoping to find a place to stock up on Calpico and cola candy.

          1. re: B Minus

            Fujiya is around the corner. Japanese treats and assorted goodies.

      2. Thanks everybody for your advise! This trip is shaping up pretty nicely.

        It looks like Granville Island will be my first stop.

        Wild boar prosciutto? I can't say no to that. How did you know that exotic cured meats are my weakness?

        I can't wait!
        2 days, 1 hour, 20 minutes, 11 seconds to go.

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          I know other people have repeatedly said it, but you cannot go wrong at Oyama. Even their house prosciutto (of their many kinds) is phenomenal.

          Oyama and another place right beside it carry a number of cheeses from all over, but if you're looking for anything a bit out of the ordinary (at least for Canadian cheese counters), check out Les Amis du Fromage on 2nd just east of Burrard (a 10 minute walk from Granville Island). They've got a great selection of cheese and other treats. My former post-work walk involved a quick in-and-out visit to Oyama, Go Fish for some fish and chips, then Les Amis for a few wedges of whatever cheese was tasting good that day.