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Aug 17, 2008 09:47 PM

Asian, Indian, Latino restaurants in Vienna?

Hi everybody,

i'm moving to vienna soon, and am inquiring about the availability of non-austrian restaurants, in the lower price bracket. i'm specifically thinking of korean, indian, thai, mexican and salvadorean, but any suggestions for delicious delights originating from places outside europe would be grand.


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  1. Asian, Thai and Korean:
    There are so many Korean "Sushi" places, it is hard NOT to find one. Some have a mixture of Japanese, Korean and Thai cuisine, such as Mikado:
    A good choice are also the Hanil restaurants, all over town:

    All over the place as well. I like the Indian places on Burggasse, there quite a few of them, and they change all the time. I also like the Jaipur Palace in Brünnlbadgasse, 9th. district. BUT: be prepared, all of these Indian places have a similar menu, nothing special, and most of their food is pre-cooked and re-heated. Nothing compared to the London scene...

    There are two places worth mentioning, both run by the same team: Mas and Pancho:

    Salvadorean and other South American cuisine: none worth mentioning

    Now it gets more interesting: there are two competing institutions:
    The Saigon on Getreidemarkt, which also has a great Pho Sai Gon booth on Naschmarkt:

    And the Good Morning Vietnam on Märzstrasse, which recently opening the already highly popular Ha Noi Express on Sechsschimmelgasse:

    This is quite another thing. Vienna has a large Iranian community, and these people know how to eat ! We like the Hatam Grill on Währingerstrasse for its wrappers, kebabs and chello rice, but there is also good old Pars on Lerchenfelderstrasse:

    Really inexpensive is Turkish food, and this need not necessarily mean just Döner:
    the most popular is the Kent:

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    1. re: Sturmi

      thanks sturmi! it's the same thing here in montreal, tons of japanese joints run by koreans with mediocre sushi. having lived in korea, i can assure you their version called "kim bap" ain't no great shakes over there either. however, it does set my mind at ease that hanil has a pretty good selection of traditional korean food which is usually far tastier than koreanized japanese fare.

      the other suggestions sound great too, but shame about the lack of central american food. i'll just have to eat my fill of pupusas before i leave!

    2. go to Cafe Nil on Siebensterngasse. it's really good(Egyptian, I think), anyway, it's really good, I had "couscous mit gemuese"(cous cous with was sort of like a potroast), my mom had a lentil soup there that was excellent. anyway it's pretty cheap and very good! on a side note, on that same street there is a viennese restaurant Siebensternbrau that is good, mainly because they had amazing garlic cream soup(knoblauchrahmsuppe)...I honestly would go back to Vienna for the soup alone...but you're going to love it, Vienna is one of my favorite european cities

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      1. re: Fromageball

        Yes, the Siebensterngasse/Kirchengasse/Lindengasse/Neubaugasse quarter is an interesting area for chowhounds: We just had today a falafel lunch at Maschu Maschu in Neubaugasse.

        But the best falafel in town is Sababa on Rotenturmstrasse !!

        And if you like the Cafe Nil, you will also like the Al-Gebra:

        Finally, I also found another place for South American food:

      2. i realize this is an "older" thread, but i just discovered chowhound and registered today.

        i would like to recommend a great japanese restaurant in vienna: En (in the first district, in werdertor gasse).. it is according to my japanese friends living in vienna, the most authentic japanese restaurant here.. it is quite pricy at night, but they have lunch menues wicht are fantastic for around 9-11 Euros. (consisting of soup, salad and a main dish (sushi or tenpura etc.).. very delicious food.