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Aug 17, 2008 09:10 PM

What should I do with a can of foie gras?

My brother was kind enough to bring me a 700g bloc de foie gras de canard from France. I've never personally handled foie gras before; what should I do with it? I'd love to hear ideas!

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  1. jeez, send it to me!

    are you organ/liver wary - 'cause if not I could eat it just slivered on crackers or good bread. I've also had it (fresh) seared and in a sweet sauce (fig, etc.)

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    1. re: hill food

      Make the ultimate insult to the French. Put a slice on le hamburgere.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        hah. actually, most french people would probably want a bite. i've seen it on offer on a lot of bistros catering to locals.

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            served in alternating layers with julienned hot dogs

      2. re: hill food

        do you sear the preserved (bloc) preparations, too? i think that'd taste pretty good, assuming it doesn't melt into goop, but i've never tried. my french neighbors looked quite alarmed when i suggested i might do that with the can of pate they gave me. they almost took it back. ;)

      3. oh, you lucky thing! it is the best thing ever. The way the french would do it is to serve it on toasted brioche (just ask around in bakeries they should have it) and you have to have a glass of sweet wine with it - Sauternes is the perfect match (or something like Icewine will do as well). Dont even bother with sauces etc - it is perfect as it is...

        1. the most traditional way to eat it is sliced and served on toasted, good quality white bread, with a sauternes or other sweet dessert wine. a lot of people like to serve with fruit conserve, as well. I really like cherry and fig jam for this -- or even better, diced, very ripe fresh fig or pear or a drizzle of date or pomegranate syrup.

          something that i've always wanted to try is to replicate the foie gras / grilled eel terrine at l'atelier. they use smoked foie gras entier, but i bet it's good with sliced bloc de foie, as well. pic here:

          and while i'm fantasizing, i might as well mention the foie gras creme brulee i've been wanting to make for a while, too:

          again, it should be foie gras entier, but you could probably use the bloc.

          1. Last can I brought back from France ended up as simple canapes at a party. I'm lucky enough to have a great European-style bakery in my neighborhood, so I bought a nice crusty ficelle (like a baguette but only about 1 1/2" in diameter), sliced it into 1/4"rounds, spread each one with a schmear of foie gras and topped it with a toasted walnut half. Very easy to make, very happy guests!

            But that was just a 125g can. 700g is a lot, you'd need to be hosting a very large party to use that up. Still, you could do that with some of it and impress your friends.