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Aug 17, 2008 08:57 PM

Help, Encino, Friday night

Taking some friends to dinner in or around Encino on Friday night, no sushi, or oriental. Nothing too expensive, around 30-40 per person. How is Il Tiramisu, it looks good? No Cafe Bizou either. One like real expensive places, the rest likes to try something different.
Hope you can help. TIA

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  1. II Tiramisu is good but I love a small place called Gio Cucina which is in Encino Upstairs in the small mall just west of the Land Rover Dealer.

    1. Alcazar for Middle Eastern food is probably the best food in Encino, yet you obviously have to be ok with that cuisine - Encino is truly the Valley wasteland for finer dining.
      Both the places you refer to in your original post are in Sherman Oaks.
      And Tiramisu is ok, yet not unlike another half dozen nearby also similarly ok. Staff is nice, but...

      1. Cafe Carolina in Encino is good. I actually like it better than Il Tiramisu (which I think has gone downhill, last 2 visits were not good).

        Alcazar is good, but on Fri/Sat they have a set menu that the whole table has to get, its $45/pp, and they have live music/entertainment.

        If you are willing to go towards Sherman Oaks, I would suggest Pinot Bistro. Good french food, its a little more expensive but it's a nice atmosphere and I have always enjoyed my meals there.

        1. Il Tiramisu is EXCELLENT.

          Al Cazar I also second.

          I tend to disagree with Carter, Encino has a few good places, such as Aroma Bakery Cafe (ISereali Euro style cafe) Jingo, (jap bbq), The new Brazilian place (I forget the name, the one where Sona's used to be), Shiraz ad a few more.

          If you can leave Encino, which is pretty easy, considering how small it is, you can go to Sherman oaks, Studio City and No Ho.

          Il Tiramisu is actually in Sherman Oaks. There is Boneyard Bistro, Max, Simon's Cafe (Moroccan), Clay Oven, Gungadin, Mistral, The Great Greek, Spumante (just re-opened), Risotto, El Katracho (hole in the wall honduran), Senior Fred, and more!

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            The Brazilian place is called Sampa Grill: Dinner on Friday is $29.95. I have had good experiences both time I went.

          2. I like that mexican food restaurant Sol y Luna on ventura blvd. it's in Tarzana across from the Corbin Bowl