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Aug 17, 2008 08:38 PM

Beer is Food, Where are the Best Beer 'Establishments' in Manhattan

What can I say, but I like the suds. Hoppy, cold lagers, warmer ales, thick stouts, spicy wheats ... I like them all. If you've ever had a Manny's in Seattle, or a fresh Zhigolovskoe on the streets of Minsk, or a short Guiness in Shannon Airport ... well, then you feel me, right?

So here I am in Manhattan for a few days of R&R and needing that large selection of beer that life has brought to me elsewhere. The selection of the few places I've been so far, is just slim. I want to see 50+ draughts and a few hundred bottled selections. Smoked pork shanks like in Munich bierhausen would go nice too, but now I'm just dreamin', this is NY after all, and not Munchen.


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  1. If it's beer you're looking for you should stop by d.b.a. Consider yourself beered.

    1. My favorite spots would have to include DBA, Vol de Nuit (a.k.a. The Belgian Beer Bar), Burp Castle and Lederhosen.

      1. You may also want to check out Cafe d'Alsace:

        1. Gingerman

          Blind Tiger Ale House

          not the most food options there, but amazing beer selection.

          1. If a large and diverse selection is what you're looking for, I'd try The Ginger Man