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Beer is Food, Where are the Best Beer 'Establishments' in Manhattan

What can I say, but I like the suds. Hoppy, cold lagers, warmer ales, thick stouts, spicy wheats ... I like them all. If you've ever had a Manny's in Seattle, or a fresh Zhigolovskoe on the streets of Minsk, or a short Guiness in Shannon Airport ... well, then you feel me, right?

So here I am in Manhattan for a few days of R&R and needing that large selection of beer that life has brought to me elsewhere. The selection of the few places I've been so far, is just slim. I want to see 50+ draughts and a few hundred bottled selections. Smoked pork shanks like in Munich bierhausen would go nice too, but now I'm just dreamin', this is NY after all, and not Munchen.


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  1. If it's beer you're looking for you should stop by d.b.a. Consider yourself beered.


    1. My favorite spots would have to include DBA, Vol de Nuit (a.k.a. The Belgian Beer Bar), Burp Castle and Lederhosen.

      1. You may also want to check out Cafe d'Alsace:


        1. Gingerman

          Blind Tiger Ale House

          not the most food options there, but amazing beer selection.

          1. If a large and diverse selection is what you're looking for, I'd try The Ginger Man

            1. For modern Belgian food, Try Resto. There aren't as many taps, most belgian beers lose much of their character when force carbonated and poured off from keg, but there are over 50 different bottles, each served in their appropriate glassware. Order a "Kwak" for a really unique serving vessel ;). I dig the food, but it's not a favorite on these boards.

              David Copperfield is also supposed to be quite good. http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/...

              The other selections here are quite good Ginger man, DBA, Blind Tiger, maybe take a trip on the L to billy burg and hit up barcade if you dig retro arcade machines and really good beer.

              Also in the outer boroughs, the Czech Beer Garden in astoria http://www.bohemianhall.com/home.htm will give you a different flavor of drinking then the Munich concept.

              Good luck! It doesn't get as much press as boston in terms of being a beer town, but it's got great beer bars.

              1. I used to spend a lot of time at Burp Castle
                Good selection and I liked to atmosphere
                [dark and quiet]

                1. For pork shanks and German beer it gets no better than Zum Schneider. It has a festive atmosphere and lots of German beers. Tomorrow is actually their anniversary party. Pig on a spit and whatnot. Should be fun!


                  In the LES I love Spitzer's Corner. It has over 30 beers on tap and tons more in bottles. Its open and airy as well which is nice on a hot day like today.

                  Others mentioned already but I also recommend are Vol de Nuit for Belgian beers and DBA and Blind Tiger for a rotating list of good brews.

                  If you are a sports fan you could check out Standings bar on 7th street. They have about 10 beers on tap that rotate but are usually of very good quality and tons of TVs for viewing Right downstairs from that is Jimmy's no 43 which also has a good selection of beers on tap.

                  You could honeslty do a pub crawl. DBA, Zum Schneider, Jimmy's, and Standings are all in the East village and Spitzers isn't too far away either. Also Mcorleys is on the same block as Jimmy's & Standings. Only 2 types of beer- light or dark but you can't beat the feel of the oldest bar in NYC! Enjoy

                  1. The Ginger Man for a huge, diverse selection; Resto if you want to go Belgian and have some great food.

                    1. Blind Tiger is amazing, also check out Spuytin Duyvil in Brooklyn if you can . Here is some good information on NY Beer http://beeradvocate.com/beerfly/city/12

                      1. Craft used to have one of my favorite beer Hitachino on the tap, I think it has been discontinued for some time, does anyone know of an establishment where I can get Hitachino on tap?

                        As for beer establishments, I think Zum Schneider in EV has combination of decent German beer selection on tap and german beerhall food. if you want to trek to Williamsburg, Radegast Hall is another beerhall with good selection and beerhall food - both locations are better suited for a lazy weekend afternoon outings than night outings in my mind.

                        1. Puckfair has a nice selection, and the food, while not precisely what you're looking for, is also above average. I'm a big fan of the shrimp quesadilla and the curry fries, and yes, I've eaten them at the same meal, and no, it was not a good idea. A note of caution: it is LOUD in there when it's crowded. There's a DJ and a crowd of NYU students doing their mating dance.