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Aug 17, 2008 07:46 PM

Good eats in Alaska near Seward, Healy and Denali?

My husband and I will be vacationing in Alaska and it's my task to plan where we'll be eating. We'll be driving from Anchorage to Seward, then on to Healy and Denali. Any recommendations for any restaurants? We're not picky eaters and are down for anything!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Ah... I guess I'm REALLY late on this one...

    The best place to eat in Healy has definitely have to be Rosie's. Well, it is the only game in town. But they are renown for the BEST and BIGGEST hamburger I've ever eaten.

    It's called the Grizzly Burger. Comes super-duper stacked with all kinds of things -- including a fried egg which is SO Australian (but without the pickled beets which is also SO Australian) and a huge pile of home fries. If you can eat this, you get your face and burger (photo taken before you start digging in), on the "Wall of Shame." My husband and I had just finished the tour into Denali ALL THE WAY BACK to the Lodge, and it was 9 pm and we were STARVING. Yep! I demolished mine -- which I was really surprised but I was hungry as a bear. As for my husband, Bill, I'm surprised he didn't ask for seconds. It was a wonderful time at this diner, and I still have the photos to share and look at as my husband died only three months afterwards. (Sudden. Please, no pity.) I'll still go back.

    Now... towards the entrance of Denali Park, there are quite a few little restaurants there as well as the big pricey one at the Princess Lodge. We went to the halibut and chips place, and you MUST try the corn fritters with the honey butter on them. I was so stunned! And the fish was very, very good.

    As for the Princess Lodge? Nah... way too expensive for what you get. I'd rather go back to Rosie's or to the Fish and Chips place and eat there. Simple, good food that gets you through the day. We're looking at comfort food, folks. If you want to be impressed, go to Girdwood which is just outside of Anchorage at the local ski resort, and do the menu tasting dinner there. I really enjoyed this with Uncle Bob, and funny enough, we both thought the guacamole for the salmon poke was probably the best. Oh! And they make fresh raspberry sorbet there, too!!