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Aug 17, 2008 07:37 PM

Brooklyn Fish Camp- lobster roll

Had the lobster roll at Brooklyn Fish Camp tonight and was disappointed. Lobster roll was significantly smaller than I've had here in the past and much heavier on the mayo. Almost a mayo sauce. It was totally buried on the plate under a mountain of fries. The roll has always been pricey, but at $33 it really felt like a ripoff. The small amount of lobster meat that was there was delicious- perfectly cooked and seasoned (once a lot of mayo was scraped off)- and contained two great claws.

I've enjoyed the lobster rolls here in the past and never had a complaint about portions, prices, etc. In fact, I've usually struggled to finish the rolls. I hadn't been to Brooklyn Fish Camp in a few months, so maybe this has been a trend for some time? Is it increases in the cost of lobster or running a restaurant in this economy?

On a side note, my husband had the grilled barramundi with a pineapple/pink peppercorn salsa that was delicious and seemed fairly priced at $18. The peel and eat shrimp appetizer was very good too.

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  1. Lobster seems to be scarce and pricey this Summer.

    I stopped by Fairway in red Hook on Thursday and 1) they had no lobsters for sale, and 2) the cafe had no lobster rolls and said they hadn't had any for several days and didn't know when they'd have them again.


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      tiger2's experience mirrored my own. After reading about Fairway's lobster roll on this site I tried to get one a couple of weeks ago and was told that they didn't have them. Since I was really in the mood for lobster roll we went to Brooklyn Fish Camp that night. I knew their roll cost $33, which is outrageous, but I had to have it! Overall it was a real disappointment. It was tasty but for $33 there really wasn't all that much lobster - maybe 6 large chunks. For comparison, just last night I was at L & B Spumoni Garden and had the pasta with lobster, scallops and shrimp. There was more than half as much lobster in that dish as there was in the lobster roll, plus lots of shrimp and scallops, and it was only $19. Fish Camp's lobster roll is served with fries (good and salty) but no cole slaw, nothing else, so I ended up feeling a bit ripped off. I also wasn't too happy that after a long walk from the other end of the Slope on a hot humid night that they didn't have air conditioning. We sat outside, thinking it was a bit cooler, and were eaten alive by mosquitos. I understand that they're going for a casual, roadside lobster shack kind of atmosphere, but at the prices they charge you'd think they'd at least have some air conditioning when the temps top 90. Another complaint: the tap water they served was lukewarm. They should have offered us ice cubes.

      On a positive note, my husband also had the barramundi with pineapple salsa and thought it was quite good and reasonably priced. He also loved the gazpacho and the fried oysters and clams. So maybe the key is to avoid the lobster roll.

      I've since had Fairway's lobster roll twice (as recently as last Friday) and feel it's an amazing bargain - and delicious to boot! I plan to try to snag one again tomorrow. And I've got to say that I think Nathan's lobster roll has improved this year. There's a reasonable amount of chunks of lobster meat, not the finely minced stuff they've previously had, and at $6.95 it's a steal. Not nearly as good as Fairway's but not bad, either. Of course you have to put up with their insance lines.

      1. re: angelhair

        I just had a lobster roll at Fairway last weekend. Good stuff (a little more mayo than Iike but very ample and fresh), and $8 for the platter was quite reasonable. I loved their food by the pound, and ended up devouring some of their spicy sauteed shrimp, steamed kale and sweet potato puree while looking out at the water. It's a nice destination, especially with a bottle of wine from Le Nell's.

        1. re: flower_puppy

          Fairway will let you drink in the outdoor eating area, or is it a case of just as easy to ask for forgiveness as to ask for permission?

          1. re: deepyarn

            The latter I suppose. Perhaps the wild frontier of Red Hook got to me. I actually forgot there were rules about these things.

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