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Aug 17, 2008 07:24 PM

Vermilion- RW 2008

Was disappointed with this RW experience. I had been really looking forward to it because of the great reviews regarding the fresh local ingredients, etc. The service was pleasant but the food was not as good as expected. I had the VA ham with peaches and feta cheese. The presentation was very nice but the white peaches just didn't stand up to the salt of the ham and cheese which was quite good. I'm not sure why yellow peaches weren't used. The dish could have used some more sweetness. I had ordered the filet of beef for the main entree. I had asked the waitress if the "crispy Maytag blue cheese and truffle sauce" was thoroughly covering the beef and told her I couldn't have too much blue cheese. She said the sauce covers it but she could put it on the side. When the dish arrived with the sauce we saw that there was no blue cheese in it at all. It was just a deep fried medallion alongside the meat. Not a big deal but it seemed like the waitress could have mentioned that. The filet itself was slightly dry and definitely needed the accompaniments. Finally, they were out of the goat cheese cheesecake I had ordered and the waitress made it sound like we were getting a great substitute with the Vermilion trifle describing it as a trifle with angel food cake, fresh blueberries and peaches. I said ok. The dessert was very blah in presentation--the cake looked like 4 small cubed pieces of bread atop a layer of trifle. There were 4 blueberries and what looked like canned apples used for apple pie. Me and my companion took a couple of bites and moved onto the dessert she had ordered, the peppermint pattie which consisted of a chocolate chip brownie and mint ice cream with mint sauce. That was much better. When the waitress returned, she asked if we like the truffle and we said not really. She didn't seem surprised which kind of annoyed me. Why did she make it sound so great then? So while the food was definitely decent, the overall experience didn't make me want to return and pay full price.

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  1. Although creative, I have never been a huge fan of Vermilion's food. The lounge in the restaurant's rear is a nice place to get drinks and some bar snacks (good sliders). If you are in that area, there is much better food across the street at majestic cafe. you may save some money, too!

    1. We also went to Vermilion for RW and had a better experience. I had the ham and white peaches and it was actually quite good -- they may have been riper peaches than what you had. My companion had the scallops with panzanella and declared them fine. He had the beef and had a better experience with his than you did -- his was medium rare as he requested. My salmon with peas had some salt issues -- some bites were very salty while others were fine. We both had the goat's milk cheesecake, and it was the best course by far. I had an excellent glass of wine that I recommend -- a 2007 South Africa Avondale Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé.

      Nothing was bad and the service was very good, but it just wasn't as excellent as we'd hoped for -- I guess our expectations were too high.