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Aug 17, 2008 07:05 PM

York, PA chow

I may be in York with my vegetarian daughter over Labor Day Weekend. Any suggestions for ethnic fare, local diners, or even breakfast places?

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  1. Throughout York and Lancaster is a group of restaurants called "Isaac's." They create many, many superb sandwiches including lots of veggie ones, all named after birds. They also make some really yummy soups and deli salads like tortellini pesto and broccoli salad. Their desserts are yummy and decadent. They are sprinkled around York, and would be good for lunch. My favorite: Tortellini pesto salad, Mallard sandwich and pink lemonade to drink. Yumm!

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      Thanks. We know Isaac's, having lived in Lancaster for 11 years. I was hoping that there was something else going on in the York area these last few years.

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        man, i'm just now realizing how tough york chowhounds have it! a search of the board reveals everything with the word york, obviously, which 99% of the time refers to new york pizza! i'm leaving in literally 5 mins so i think it's too late to query the board, but i'll be down on george st hoping to report back with some good chow find. :)

        i'm thinking about the left bank - - which is close to the venue i'm going to (concert).

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          glad you said the left bank cause that's where i went! :) it ended up working perfectly - i went to a show down the block at the capitol theatre.

          overall, i felt the food was darn good but too pricey.

          i had-
          two glasses of wine, a pinot grigio and a sauvignon blanc - the latter was great, former - not so hot. one small gripe - i hated the wine glasses. these were not cheap wines - they should be served in nicer stemware.

          fried green tomato salad - excellent! i would highly recommend. delicious balsamic vinegar! i could have eaten another serving of this. ripe tomatoes, a fried green one in the middle, and pretty darn good moz. nice little green salad to the side.

          scallops over angel hair - OK, here's where i took a bit of offense to the prices. all the entrees were $28 and up. this dish consisted of: a lot of scallops (i would have been OK with half the amount), pasta, tomato sauce. it was tasty, but it wasn't anything i couldn't make at home. when i pay $28 for an entree, i'd expect something either unusual or something that would leave me scratching my head at how they did it. the angel hair and the sauce was great - i was treated to some nice salty capers which i love - but they totally overpowered the scallops. as much as i love capers, i might remove some of those and season the scallops with some sea salt or something to make them shine a little bit more. or maybe introduce another kinda seafood to the mix, like lump crab meat in the sauce.

          the ambiance here was way cute - but again, spoke to a more casual place than the entree prices dictated. service was prompt, a little awkward but definitely friendly.

          the appetizer menu and the salad menu here looked great - it was hard to choose between a lot of interesting-looking things. if i am back in york, i would return to this place, and make a meal of a few apps and salad. the complimentary bread - really darn good as well, with the oil it's served with. the olive tapenade, not too sure, i wasn't a fan.

    2. I know this is waaay late. But I just found this post!

      If you are looking for very good food (vegetarian or otherwise...) in York, you should try Mezzigiorno. Its located in York's Central Market House (on West Philadelphia Street in York City).

      They will be moving in the spring to a new location, right around the corner on George Street. They are open 6 days a week (closed Monday) for breakfast and lunch.

      1. Sorry this is too late for your request, but my favorite in York (we make special trips just to go to this restaurant) is The Left Bank.

        Here's the website:

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          Just checked out the Left Bank web site. I've not eaten there, yet, but I do think
          that's one of the worst web sites I've encountered in a long time.
          Very poorly organized, the menu section is very unprofessional.
          Does not give a good impression of the business.