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Aug 17, 2008 07:01 PM

Best road food bw NYC & Chesapeake Bay,MD?

Driving from Manhattan to Chesapeake Bay, Maryland later this month and would appreciate any ideas for good road food anywhere along the way. Thanks.

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  1. I'm from the Delmarva Peninsula and there's no town called Chesapeake Bay, MD, as far as I know. The region is pretty big so without a particular destination, hounds can't help you very much south of Wilmington (although we can still recommend places along the Turnpike in NJ, obviously). Are you going to a particular town? Maybe St. Michaels? St. Mary's City? Annapolis? Crisfield? Ocean City? You don't mean Chesapeake City, MD, do you?

    As for the NJ Turnpike portion of your journey, there are many threads if you search, including:
    And many others.

    1. Just past the Delaware Memorial bridge is The Dog House Sandwich Shop - 302-328-5380 New Castle, DE. The turkey sandwich is made from a real, fresh-roasted turkey. Really good turkey subs and decent hog dogs.

      1. If you are going down the Eastern Shore (HWY 13) , one place we always make a must stop is the VFD Chicken Cook in Goodwood Delaware. They cook chicken Friday Saturday and Sunday. If that fits with your schedule, just look for the little hand written sign, in the middle of the road, that simply states "Chickens Done". It's some of the best grilled chicken you'll ever have. If the sign says "Chickens Gone" you are too late.

        1. Helen's Sausage House in Smyrna, Delaware. Right off Rt. 1. There's even a sign for it on the highway. Sandwiches were written up in Gourmet Magazine a few years ago.