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Aug 17, 2008 06:26 PM

Where can I find that good pizza place again in Center City?

I will be back in Philly in early September for a conference. I was in Philly earlier this year and I went to that wonderful pizza (wood burning, i think) place. Enjoyed its pizza and one of its salads. I want to go back there, but can't remember the place's name and exactly where it is. It is on the same street where the Kiehls store is ... supposedly in Center City. Can anyone help me? Thanks. Love PHILLY! U ROCK!

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  1. Sounds like you're talking about Pietro's Coal Oven Pizzeria...

    1714 Walnut St.
    Philadelphia, PA 19103
    Phone: 215-735-8090
    Fax: 215-735-8091

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    1. re: umphilly

      Yes, it is that place. Thank you so much! And now I remember it is coal oven, not wood burning oven. I really enjoyed that place very much when I was there earlier this year. Looking forward to going back there again. Thank you so much! Again, love Philly and always welcome other recommendations since I will be staying in Philly for five days. :)

    2. Pietro's is good (and has a location on South Street, too-- Depending on where you are staying (if you're here for a conference, are you at one of the hotels near the convention center?), another option for great pizza is Gianfranco's Pizza Rustica at 6 N 3rd. It's doesn't have tons of seating or atmosphere, like Pietro's, but the pizza is even better, and a little cheaper, too.

      1. If you go one block north (Chestnut) and 2 blocks west there's Dolce Carini which has great pies.

        1. oooh maybe i'll tag off this thread. i've seen a lot on yelp posted about a place called zios (new) around 13th & sansom. anyone been? it's always closed when i bike by!!

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          1. re: rabidog

            it's not that new... i certainly was eating there at least 4 years ago.

            at that time, it was better than most CC places. But it's a place for slices. I'd take it over dolce carini, but not joe's on 16th. but maybe it's changed in the last few years.

            1. re: Bob Loblaw

              ah OK. so not life-changing?

              i'm getting a pie for pizza beer & movies with friends tomorrow night... a few of us are each bringing a pie from a different place. i'm thinking i'll make mine either a slice or zios pie.

              1. re: rabidog

                i'd take mamma angelinas on Locust btwn 13th and Broad. Awesome pizza, but i recommend that you ask them for it well done, it can tend to be doughy at times

                1. re: rabidog

                  Zios is one of those places where it's good because they throw it back in the oven again, when you buy a slice, and crisp it up. So, if you're going to get a whole pie (in the future, obv. not two days ago), get it and throw it in the oven. We do that with whole pies from Lazaro's on South St.