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Fresh Tomatoes

I just joined a produce co-op and my first pickup had 6 large tomatoes. I rarely cook with fresh ones; usually just canned. Can anyone give me some suggestions to use them? Thanks.

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  1. This may not be what you are looking for, but this time of year, when we get great tomatoes, we just eat them raw, day after day. Sometimes with mozzarella and basil, some olive oil, salt, pepper and vinegar, sometimes just sliced or chopped up w/ various herbs, olive oil, etc. You could also do a raw pasta sauce, and toss chopped tomatoes with some pasta, basil, cheese, etc.


    1. MMRuth has the right idea. Jfood would add a little variation, consider drizzling some balsamic over the mozzy and tomato and then add some roasted peppers and a good baguette and you have a great light meal.

      1. don't waste those beautiful, fresh summer tomatoes on a cooked dish! enjoy them in their glorious raw state...MMRuth pretty much gave you all the ideas i would have suggested :) although there is one more - slice & serve with sweet red onion as the perfect garnish for a grilled burger.

        1. From the Esalen Cookbook

          Fresh Tomato Soup
          2 tbsp of butter
          1 med size onion chopped
          4 cups diced fresh tomato
          1 tsp garlic minced
          2 cups veg stock
          1 tsp paprika
          1 tbsp maple syrup
          2 tsp sea salt
          1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
          chopped dill to garnish

          saute onions in the butter until transparent add tomatoes and garlic and cook 3 mins more. Add stock, paprika, syrup, salt, cayenne and bring to boil. Lower heat and simmer 20 mins. Blend to produce smooth texture and garnish with dill.

          This is one of my favorite soups and the maple syrup adds a nice flavor.

          1. you might want to review this thread. we are all awash with fresh tomatoes!


            1. If you find that they are getting too ripe, you can freeze them, cut a small X on the end, drop in boiling water, cool, skin and slice or leave the tomatoes whole, place in ziploc bags and freeze. In the winter it is such a nice treat to use in soups or chili. You can reallly taste the difference.

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                slice in half and marinate in garlic, olive oil, salt pepper, basil & lemon for a few hrs.
                lightly grill on bbq for about 5 mins, flipping once. serve with rice or pasta or quinoa.

              2. I love doing a simple salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions. Add some finely minced garlic, a splash of red wine vinegar, drizzle in some olive oil, salt and pepper.

                1. I agree with MMRuth (as always) that eating them fresh with just a minimum of "stuff" is certainly the best way to go during the summer season. That said, if you are interested in some other ideas, check out last Wednesday's Washington Post food section; it was all about tomatoes. Here's a link to the main story but be sure to click on the 17 or so recipes attached to it: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/... .

                  1. My absolute favorite simple salad these days in very similar to spkspk's. Tomato, red onion, cukes or large chunks of celery, loads of calantro, left over corn off the cobb and day ole bread cut into chunks. Dressing is simple fresh squeezed lemon and olive oil.

                    I make different variations too - yesterday added fresh basil, fresh dill and fresh chives. The corn was a recent additions - I've added chopped portobello mush too.

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                      The salad sounds great. Will have to try it- and may throw in some black beans, too.Thanks