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Aug 17, 2008 05:41 PM

Bartolotta or Michael Mina? HELP! (Las Vegas)

Ok so I leave for las vegas in two weeks for my SOLO Las Vegas 21rst Birthday trip. I have every day planed out except wendesday and I'm stuck between Micheal Mina or Bartolotta. I want a unique and relaxing dinner as thats what my main focus is for my Trip. Help my fellow Las Vegas Hounds! Here's my reservations/meals planned so far:

MONDAY- Arive at MGM (Where I'm staying) go straight to my 6:00 reservation for Alex at the Wynn!

TUESDAY- Breakfast at Buchon, Dinner Reservation at Joel Robuchon L'Atlier at 6:00, KA show at 9:30!

WENDESDAY- Lunch at Mesa Grill, drinks and small bites at Guy Savoy Bubbles Bar, and eithier Micheal Mina at 9:00 PM or Bartolotta.

THURSDAY- Breakfast at Buchon again, Pre-show oyster bar at Buchon, Jersey Boys Show at 7:00, Dinner reservation for Bar Charlie at 9:30.

Wendesday is the day I would love some recommendations on. Also is Bar Charlie worth the hefty price tag? I requested the Chefs Table and they said I might be able to dine at it depending if its open which would be awsome. The Jersey Boys show won't get over until about 9:00 and its hard to have a good meal without being rushed at that time. Any help or recommendations would be awsome. Also has anyone had any experiences at Alize at the Palms. I would love relaxing restaurant with a awsome view. Thanks! Remembering I'm going Solo as well.

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  1. I loved Bar Charlie, and am glad I spent the money. I'm not sure how Bar Charlie fits in with the Chef's Table, which is in an entirely different area. I guess they could bring the courses up to you, but you'd lose the interaction with the chef who creates the dishes.

    Michael Mina or Bartolotta? Having eaten several meals at each, I prefer Bartolotta, but Michael Mina is also a fine choice. The restaurants are very different in terms of menus and atmosphere. For details of my meals, go to and click on the two restaurants' names.

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      Yeah Larry. Love your review and they have been a essential guide in my meal planning. As far as Bar Charlie, I guess ur right. I didn't realize at Bar Charlie they do it in front of you. Also can I dine at the Bar being Solo? Also with your expereince what restaurant would you recommend for a nice peacefull, outstanding, and relaxing meal that would be different than the others I'm dining at for wendesday?

      1. re: cgervais45

        you mention a view - Mix has a great view of the strip. my experience there was not stellar but that was 3 years ago - i've read several positive reviews since then so i'm thinking about giving them a 2nd chance. it did garner a michelin star. at a minimum, i think it's worth a visit for cocktails in their lounge - make a brief visit to the bathroom ....really !

        man, for a 21 year old you are livin' large ! enjoy !

        1. re: kjs

          Unfortunatly Mix is to inconsistant for me to drop money at but I am planning on going for drinks. You only live once. Not promised tomorrow so enjoy life and indulge once in awhile. Work hard and play harder. Those are the phrases I live by.

        2. re: cgervais45

          If you have never been to Picasso, I would highly recommend. And my recommendation is not to sit in the restaurant but rather outside on the patio. The interior of the restaurant is stunning but as far as something different, IMHO the patio is unmatched.

          1. re: LVI

            Yeah that is still on my list. Do you know what time would be the best time to get a spot on the patio?

            1. re: cgervais45

              Well, there are a couple different ways to go about that. They do not take reservations for the patio. You can make a reservation for a solo diner and if you get flack about that (you certainly wouldn't get from the restaurant but the general reservation line is a bit "stiffer") just make for a two top then when you get there say the other person is sick, stuck on the plane, in get it. But IMHO, just show up @ 6:00pm (if 6:00pm is not doable you can call the restaurant directly after 3:00pm PST and ask then. But I try and go in person in situations like this as it is harder to say no in person than it is on the phone.) when they open their doors. Generally (I have never had anything but a positive experience from the maitre de/hostess area) they will be happy to accommodate you, unless it is blocked off for our party! And even if it were full, I am pretty sure you can dine at the bar. The bartenders there have always been really friendly. By no means is dining at the bar a common sight but I have seen before. And if all else fails, I'd be happy to request a table for you.

          2. re: cgervais45

            "Also can I dine at the Bar being Solo?"
            Absolutely. It's set up much like a sushi bar; you sit at a counter and get to watch the chef make most of the dishes. When I was there, another person would take the dish from the chef and serve it to me, while the chef explained the details of the dish.

            As to your question about a relaxing, different meal, I agree with LVI. I can't think of anything else right now (too much Olympics watching, I guess).

        3. Happy 21 !!!

          Why two breakfasts at Bouchon? You may want to consider having one at Tableau. They make amazing lobster eggs benedict.