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Aug 17, 2008 05:38 PM

Looking for Granola

A few years ago I used to buy The Baker granola. I was able to find it at Roche Bros. in Acton, Idlewyld Farm also in Acton and Whole Foods in Wayland. I cannot find it anywhere now. This granola is the best around. Big clumps, not too sweet and no weird additives. I have tried all kinds of granola since and nothing compares. I have asked store managers why they don't carry it anymore and no one seems to know what's up. I have even contacted customer service at The Baker in NJ asking where I can get it in my area. But no reply. It is available on line from their website but that will be a last resort for me. Has anyone ever had The Baker granola before? Do you know what I mean by no other granola can other...Where can I fine The Baker granola???

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    1. Hey, were you looking for it at the Whole Foods at Fresh Pond a few weeks ago?

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      1. re: galleygirl

        No, not Fresh Pond, I was at the Wayland store and the Bedford store. Why?

        1. re: Mayflour

          Because I was at the Fresh Pond one, at Customer Service,and there was a guy there (oh, you're probably not a guy...) asking about The Baker Granola, and he was as obsessed about it as you are! Must be great stuff!

          BTW, I looked at their website. Call the contact number, ask who the distributer is, and the name of the person responsible for their account. Call him/her, and ask what stores in the area carry the product..

          1. re: galleygirl

            Hey G, thanks for the info. I've e-mailed them a few times and was never satisfied with their response. I will call them today. Thanks for taking an interest in my granola woes. You are right, I'm not a guy. : ) And teh granola is the best.