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Aug 17, 2008 05:38 PM

Looking for a restaurant in LA/OC area for birthday party that's accomidating to large groups (15+) and has a fun atmosphere

I'm trying to find a place to eat for my friends bday and I'm looking for somewhere that's good for large parties and is fun. We want to be able to enjoy good food and drinks but also be able to have a good time and be loud since it is a celebration. I'm thinking of a place similar in vibe to C&O's trattoria in Venice. Our price range is around $20-$30. The type of food doesn't matter because we're all willing to try new foods. Thanks!

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  1. when are you planning this? How far in advance. This could help.

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      We're trying to do it on August 30th

    2. I think the PV location of Marmalade Cafe may do the trick. It's close to the LA/OC border, fits into your price point, and I believe it has a private room. There are many choices available within your price point, and they have a full liquor license. Granted, it's not earth-shattering food, but good, filling, and fairly inexpensive.