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Cooks Lobster House--Bailey Island Maine

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Big, big disappointment...
Had lobster roll for lunch today ($16.95). It had more lettuce then lobster. They should be ashamed of themselves. Joint was full, spectacular view, quick service, but I left hungry.

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  1. Wow, that's sad to hear. I ate there about ten years ago and it was the best lobster I'd had up to that point. :) it is a really good view and stuff... but if the food's not up to snuff, clearly not worth it! :)

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      The food is actually pretty good at Cook's. Which is a full-blown ,year 'round, sit-down restaurant, not a shack, for other Hounds who may be reading this. My friend irwin, based on his posts I've seen lately, seems to be having a less than stellar summer.

      Cook's portioning, on most items, is pretty similiar to what you'd expect to find elsewhere, but not on their rolls. They are good, but smallish. My guess is because they get so much tourist traffic via both car and the Ferry, a captive audience BTW, they're not using their rolls as any kind of a loss leader. Rather, and let's face it, people who want to "save some money" or just "aren't that hungry" often opt for a roll.

      Cook's definitely makes the tourist "pay" for trying to "save" some money through scant portioning and thereby making it a real money maker on the menu. I agree with irwin that they should be ashamed of themselves but they aren't.


      1. re: Harp00n

        I love Bailey Island! It is a destination unto itself. However, IMHO, Cooks is a total tourist trap. Go sit on the deck, look at the view, have some mussels, a nice local brew and try, maybe, something fried. The General Store on Baileys has great hamburgers. They get their meat fresh ground and cook it to order. For $5 or less, it is yummy. The fries are frozen, but if they cook them while you are waiting, are still pretty tasty. Again, Bailey Island is a special place, just not a Chow destination.

        1. re: HIW

          Respectfully, I hardly want to be put in the position of championing Cook's. But you can, in fact, get some very nicely prepared seafood here both broiled, and yes fried. More people than not that come here have been before. So they know what they're in for, so to speak. They're not looking for anything prepared three-ways. Chowish is not a term that you can use in relationship with probably 90% of the restaurants or shacks that sit on the water in Maine.
          I don't eat here all that often, but when I do it's on the deck unless with older relative who prefer to be inside, sigh. BTW, their fries are fresh, hand-cut and good.


    2. We stopped eating at Cook's several years ago and for the very reason you mentioned---terrible lobster rolls.
      On our trips up to Maine our favorite dish is the lobster roll and no one puts more lettuce and less lobster in a lobster roll than Cooks!!!
      I can't speak for anything else on their menu but if you're looking for lobster rolls skip this place!!!!

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      1. re: catnip

        If your Raison d'etre was soley for lobster rolls then I wouldn't go to Cooks either, as I stated in my first post.


        1. re: Harp00n

          I wasn't being critical of you here Harp.
          I was agreeing with Irwin that this is a terrible place to go for lobster rolls.
          Lobster-roll fanatic Catnip

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            Sorry if I gave that impression catnip as it wasn't my intent either.
            As some people tend to just "graze" posts, I was just attempting, clumsily I guess, to underscore that's it's not a blanket indictment of Cook's in general but their lobster rolls specifically :-)


            1. re: Harp00n

              Not a problem Harp.
              We're up in Pemaquid in early October for a week and I can't wait to hit Shaw's and even the Bristol Diner(homemeade rolls and muffins) for breakfast.
              We run over to the Bradly Inn now and then also;Very expensive but so very good.
              Several places up there for sale including the Bradley.
              Downtown Damariscotta ,outside of King Elder's,is nothing to brag about food-wise imo.
              Larsen's,just outside of Damariscotta, used to have the best lobster rolls around but new owners cut the portions drastically(while raising the price!)
              We always hit Morse's Sauerkraut and their fine restaurant there.
              Some of the best ruebens I've ever had and their sauerkraut is outstanding.
              We usually bring home many lbs. of it for friends.
              Thanks to Keefer we found the Co-op in Boothbay a while back and I think their crab roll is outstanding.
              I think this is the best lobster shack food in town and we usually hit the co-ops in Muscongus Bay for lobster-packed rolls.
              I'm looking forward to trying the Boathouse Bistro and mcSeagyull's when we are up there.
              We really want to hit Waterman's as well but they close around Labor Day and we aren't up until early October.

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                Too bad you can't get to Waterman's in time. It really is one of my favorites on a very short list. But it seems like you've more than enough Hounding to keep yourself occupied.:-) Please post your perambulations, as a lot of us will be looking forward to them!


      2. The original comment has been removed