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Aug 17, 2008 05:24 PM

New Bakery in Encinitas

Just dropping a quick note to say that there is a brand new viennese style bakery in Encinitas. I had just eaten breakfast at St. Germain's, so I wasn't exactly hungry, but I couldn't resist the new bakery sign I spotted on 101. It was fairly busy at 11:30, and it seems like there had been a lot of traffic judging by what was left. All I could muster to get was a chocolate croissant, but it was delicious- light and buttery. The coconut macaroon sample I tried was also delicious. They have a small lunch menu too. It's located on 2nd Street- West of 101 next to the Encinitas Visitor Center.

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  1. OMGosh

    Thanks for the yummy news!

    What is the name of it?

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    1. re: Enorah

      I didn't catch the name of it unfortunately, and it doesn't come up when I did a search for "encinitas bakery", so it must be pretty new. It's one of the only food places on 2nd street though, so you can't miss it.

      1. re: cmhuang

        I'll check it out this week and report back with a name and exact location. I am assuming it must be near St Germain?

        1. re: Enorah

          yes- it's a little north of it though, and a street west.

          1. re: cmhuang

            I'm told it's located in the former yoga studio next to the Encinitas Visitor's Center, which is at 859 2nd Street, between G and H streets. Still haven't heard a name. I plan on rolling down the windows on my car and letting the scent of fresh-baked pastries guide me in!! Thanks for the tip cmhuang.

            1. re: encinitaseater

              I think it must be this

              Darshan Bakery & Cafe

              1. re: encinitaseater

                I found this info:

                Darshan Bakery & Cafe.
                949 2nd Street.

                1. re: Pablo

                  i think the great bakery mystery has been solved! Darshan it is. And .. best of all, they're taking part in the Taste of Mainstreet on Thursday night, so we can see what they're up to!!

      2. You know, there is a new coffee joint in Encinitas as well

        Dollshie's Coffee.

        It is in the strip that El Callejon is in.

        Anyone been?

        1. uh-oh....chocolate croissant...:-)

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          1. re: daantaat

            I know.........right?

            One of my favorites

            in France - Paine au Chocolat at least once a day

            1. re: Enorah

              Pearl Bakery in Portland makes a mean pain du chocolat
              Payard in Vegas is also good--nursed that one coming home on the plane!

          2. I had a poppy seed pastry there this morning. I thought it was great. Definitely better than the pastries I've gotten at St. Tropez.

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            1. re: Encinitan

              Good to know. I'm going to try their sample at the Taste of Mainstreet tomorrow night and probably add it to my breakfast treat rotation, which pretty much consists of VG's Donuts and Honey's.

              1. re: encinitaseater

                I keep wanting to go but they are only open until 3pm.

                Hours are Tues thru Sun 7am - 3pm

                I'm gonna make it there one of these days.

            2. This place was a highlight of the Taste of Mainstreet event last night. Off the beaten path a bit -- it's in a tiny little store front on 2nd Street just behind (west) and around the corner from the Potato Shack -- the pastries were so light and tasty, we will definitely be back. A great add for downtown Encinitas!!